Break Media shoots 3-D for Web

Production company Break Media is using Panasonic’s HD 3-D camcorder for a new 3-D video channel on, which launched in July 2010. The company’s in-house production team, the Break Media Creative Lab, shot more than 150 videos with the professional 3-D camcorder last year and plans to shoot more than 1000 original videos by the end of this year, all in 3-D with the AG-3DA1.

The Break Media Creative Lab is producing a lineup of original 3-D web series that include X3D, an extreme sports series with skateboarding, Motocross, BMX and MMA videos; Scare3D!, a horror series that presents the viewer with a new frightening scenario each week; and Life in 3D, which takes a unique look at everyday objects and surroundings and exposes them in all their 3-D glory. Break also uses the Panasonic 3DA1 to create branded video content.

Jonathan Small, senior vice president of editorial and programming for Break, said he is seeing an increasing demand for online 3-D content, and the 3DA1 has helped the company feed that demand.

Break Media was among the first customers in Los Angeles to take delivery of the 3DA1; however, prior to receiving the camera, Break produced several original Web videos using a typical 3-D rig and found it difficult and expensive.

“Working with the rig was time-consuming and labor-intensive,” said Danila Koverman, director of development for Break Media Creative Lab. “We’ve been able to easily cross-train our staff of 20-plus camera operators and editors on 3DA1 operation, and we’re attracting a high caliber of directors to work with the camcorder to produce high-quality 3-D content for the channel.”

Koverman added that the company has encountered no challenges with parallax or frame violations because they are handled well internally in the camcorder.

“From Day 1, our experience with the 3DA1 has been that we can just go out and start shooting,” Koverman said.

The Break Media Creative Lab handles post-production in house and edits 3DA1 footage in Final Cut Pro.