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Ikegami HSS-300 Production Switcher Chosen by Manhattan Center Studios for Weekly With Ed Gordon on BET Black Entertainment Television Network

MAYWOOD, NEW JERSEY, March 8, 2011 – Producing a fast-paced weekly HD news series hosted by an Emmy Award-winning broadcaster that combines commentary, interviews, location video, graphics, and roundtable discussions is a demanding task. This is why Manhattan Center Studios (MCS) uses the Ikegami HSS-300 digital multi-format compact HD/SD production switcher to produce the popular Weekly with Ed Gordon series for BET Black Entertainment Television.

At MCS, the versatile Ikegami HSS-300 switcher is part of a solid signal path designed to keep productions in motion. “MCS is a broadcast-level technical facility,” says Director of Engineering and Operations Marvin Williams. “We produce a lot of shows and live events, and I need my gear to work every time. We know we can rely on the Ikegami HSS-300 switcher day after day. Equally important, it’s proven to be a fluid experience for our freelance operators to come in and learn, which means minimal down-time as we move from show to show.”

Employing the same powerful control and effects technology as Ikegami’s larger HSS-3000 HD/SD production switcher, the Ikegami HSS-300 achieves full functionality and high reliability in a more compact 3RU electronic frame. “This switcher provides us with a great deal of portability when we need to move from one studio to another,” Williams notes. “At the same time, with 24 inputs and 8 outputs, it’s got more I/O connectivity than other switchers its size.”

In addition, the highly programmable HSS-300 has proven to be a creative resource for MCS and Weekly with Ed Gordon, providing a two-M/E (mix/effect) four-keyer configuration and a flexible suite of DVE functions. “The show’s TD was able to take some logos and banners from BET and improve on them with effects from the Ikegami switcher,” Williams explains. “It’s a tool that enhances the overall presentation of the show, and opens up additional visual options.”

With four Ikegami HDK-720 HD cameras on the set, and a host of Ikegami HD monitors in the control room, Williams and his team have long been familiar with the company’s commitment to customer service. “As always, Ikegami has been very helpful and supportive of MCS,” he says. “They’re right there for any upgrades or modifications that we need. Also, they’ve consistently served as a resource since we began our transition to an HD facility in 2007.”

Hosting a top television personality such as Ed Gordon and helping him to fully realize his vision for an important weekly series is all part of a satisfying production experience for MCS, Williams explains. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ed Gordon before; he’s an excellent newscaster and we’re happy that BET made MCS the home for his show. Being able to depend on our Ikegami equipment frees us up to take care of our client’s needs. That confidence carries over to the great product that viewers see on their screen each and every week.”

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