Hybrid officially announces the release of Neon HD/SD Trackless Virtual Set solution

Since IBC 2009, Hybrid has been actively promoting its new cost effective, trackless 3D virtual set solution - Neon HD/SD. Neon is a new software only based virtual set solution allowing virtual set production with no tracking devices and no external chroma keyer.

Neon is based on Hybrid's core 3D engine and own proprietary algorithm for chroma keying. From fixed camera signal, Neon allows the user to create astonishing virtual camera movements in real time.

The workflow for virtual set operation has also been greatly simplified with a uniquely user-friendly interface. Neon allows for a substantial reduction in cost of ownership, since the entire system is completely contained in a single unit consisting all software and PC hardware.

With Neon Hybrid strives to provide the market with a virtual set solution that doesn't require operators with technical expertise to deploy and operate the system, since the virtual set building primarily consists of "drag and drop" like operations from a media library.

Neon is also an effective tool for studio production automation, due to the inclusion in the solution of a dedicated controller called "Ozone", that allows user to create specific controls of virtual camera movement and 3D animations for multi camera set up. Ozone can also be configured to work as a touch screen application for maximizing control room efficiency.

Hybrid's Neon Trackless Virtual Set Solution is suitable as an a entry level step into virtual studio technology since the user will be able to upgrade Neon (without making the intial solution redundant) to Krypton - Hybrid's full tracking Virtual Set Solution. Krypton utilizes with various Tracking technologies including Hybrid's own Robotic Camera products as well as other common tracking solutions.

Pre release versions of Neon have been demonstrated at various trade shows and industry events since September 09, Including at CABSAT Dubai 2010, NRB 2010 in Nashville, BE 2010 in London, Broadcast India 2009 in Mumbai, BES India 2010 in New Delhi, Australian Broadcasting Summit 2010 in Sydney and will be on display very soon in NAB 2010 in Las Vegas.