TeamCreations New Media Studio Offers Free Studio Time

TeamCreation's Opens Studio to Interested Political Campaigners.

The fight over health-care legislation is heating up and television ads from all sides of the debate are everywhere you turn. The Campaign Media Analysis Group estimates that $75 million has been spent so far on health-care reform ads and that number will go higher. And, this is just one issue.

While ads airing on television are seen as delivering the largest potential viewership, it comes at a high cost, and the quality of the audience is difficult to confirm. Video messages distributed via the Internet are increasingly seen as a very effective means of targeting more defined audiences, including educated and concerned viewers who contact their lawmakers or who make the decisions themselves. The White House itself is using Internet video campaigns to influence the health-care debate. At a grassroots level, online campaigns can inform and mobilize people to get involved or take action.

Our company, TeamCreations has made its name in the creative field of broadcast promotion for some of cable’s top brands including Discovery Channel, TLC, BBC America, National Geographic, History and Travel Channel. We are challenged daily to produce ads designed to draw viewers to these networks’ programs. The skills and techniques we’ve honed in this field have allowed us to bring a fresh approach to the creation of political and advocacy spots and content. And, unlike producing high-end agency commercials that can take weeks to complete, we understand the swift turnaround political and advocacy media requires.

We have developed a particular expertise in producing highly effective, “broadcast quality” graphic-driven advocacy spots. For example, our work for America’s Voice has helped to give this group a presence in the immigration reform debate that they simply didn’t have before beginning their online video campaign. Our most recent video, produced within a three-day timeframe, received nearly 13,000 plays within 48 hours of release. These plays were documented from the known distribution portals, news and blog-sites where the video was placed. Many more plays were no doubt secured through undocumented sites that picked up the “embeddable” piece.

Results are what matter and successful online distribution gets noticed. Our pieces have been picked up by the broadcast and cable news networks such as CNN and used to illustrate news stories or frame interview discussions. The most recent America’s Voice video focusing on potentially unconstitutional activities by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency) was followed by a statement from the office of the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, stating her department’s intention to investigate the activities. And, another series on Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was so effective that it was a key component in generating a Justice Department probe in Arizona.

The statistics on video viewership on the Internet are compelling and so is the power that Internet distributed video can have in spreading a message, and reaching a specifically targeted audience. Please consider talking to us about making an online video campaign part of your clients’ media arsenal. If you’re already taking advantage of this platform, allow me to introduce TeamCreations, and the fine work we do. We would enjoy the opportunity to work for you. This email contains a link to our work for America’s Voice and I invite you to also look around the TeamGroup website and view some of our other work.

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