Zero Latency for intoPIX FPGA-based JPEG2000 Encoder & Decoder IP-Cores

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium – On 12th-13th October at the CCW Expo in New York, intoPIX will demonstrate its new FGPA-based JPEG2000 ultra-low latency codec. Reaching an end-to-end latency lower than 10 milliseconds, the new FPGA IP-Cores address real-time communication and fast response interactive video applications where zero latency is crucial.

intoPIX’ strong expertise in JPEG2000 and FPGA integration have resulted in optimizing the process delay down to less than one frame for a full encoding and decoding cycle, while maintaining the same compression efficiency. As of today, intoPIX offers the only JPEG 2000 implementation capable of achieving such performance.

"Broadcasting of live events, sharing vivid telepresence sessions and remotely controlling post-production tools and images are applications which require that perfect combination of visually lossless quality, professional workflow and highly responsive interactive manipulation. Yes, your live image matters, and we care!”, says Jean-Francois Nivart, CSO at intoPIX.

More info will be available at intoPIX booth 864 during CCW Expo 2011 in New York (12-13 October).