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BRU Server Solution Achieves Remarkable Results with Small Tree 10 Gigabit Copper Video Editing Switch and Network HBAs

Providing a robust server solution driving much larger system counts than a normal 1GbE environment can handle, TOLIS Group, manufacturers of ultra-reliable data backup and restore solutions for end-users and OEMs, was impressed by the notable data rate improvements its server achieved with Small Tree's 10GbE solution.

Using the new 24 port 10GbE copper video switch - ST10G-28Cat6 - and 10GbE network cards from Small Tree in tandem with its BRU Server, the TOLIS team witnessed data throughput allowing streaming three LTO-5 drives simultaneously at a sustained rate of 140MB/sec per drive. According to Tim Jones, president and CTO of TOLIS, a 1GbE environment is lucky to achieve 90MB/sec to a single LTO-5 tape drive, thereby demonstrating the rock-solid performance of the BRU Server when connected to Small Tree's 10GbE solution.

"One of the biggest backup bottlenecks that an IT staff faces with client server backup installations like our BRU Server solution in an environment with more than a few client systems is the available network bandwidth," Jones said. "As soon as we tested the Small Tree 10GbE solution, we were floored. In fact, we ran out of test tape drives before we ran out of bandwidth."

BRU Server, TOLIS Group's premier network backup solution, provides client/server-based data backup and recovery services across networks of any size. Delivering reliability, functionality and flexibility to meet an organization's backup needs, BRU Server offers ease-of-use with new graphical interfaces and numerous client-side options.

Small Tree's ST10G-28Cat6 offers post-production facilities the ability to support 10 Gigabit Networks without needing expensive optics and cabling. With this new switch, which includes Small Tree's proprietary, state-of-the-art network engineering, video editors can edit Pro Res 4444, uncompressed and 2k over affordable, ubiquitous Ethernet.

"In a 1GbE lab environment where we could normally only backup four client systems simultaneously to BRU Server's disk stage environment, the Small Tree 10GbE solution allowed us to expand that to handle 20 concurrent systems," Jones continued. "This translates to a 5:1 reduction of the backup window meaning that either more systems can be backed up in a given period, or fewer servers need to be assigned to handle the same number of client systems. Either translates to a huge potential ROI of the updated network infrastructure in a very short period."

For more information on TOLIS Group's BRU Server, visit or call 1-480-505-0488.

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