EditShare Unleashes XStream Series Version 6.0 at IBC 2010 - Digital Media's Best-performing Shared Storage


New EditShare shared storage systems deliver high availability and data performance rates 2x faster than industry standard; dominate shared storage workflows with advanced project sharing for Avid and Final Cut editors

Boston, MA – September 8, 2010 -EditShare®, the technology leader in cross-platform collaborative editing and shared media storage systems, has announced the availability of the highly anticipated version 6.0 shared storage release that encompasses the EditShare XStream Series, Storage Series, Metro, and Field shared storage solutions. On display at the IBC exhibition (stand 7.E20), EditShare Version 6.0 features new high-capacity, high-performance enterprise SATA and SSD drives, 6-Gbit/sec signaling technology, advanced project sharing for mixed editing environments, and options for adding multiple 10-Gigabit network adapters to EditShare servers for teaming to a 10-Gigabit switch or direct connections to workstations. “The performance of the new EditShare release is outstanding. We are benchmarking useable throughput on the new system at more than 700 MB per second per 16-TB unit. This is outperforming any other shared storage solution in its class and price range,” comments Andy Liebman, CEO, EditShare. “EditShare Version 6.0 fits perfectly into literally any production environment. Our infinitely expandable multi-tiered architecture supports the full gamut of production workflows from large newsroom operations where hundreds of journalists access the storage server and share source materials using Avid or Final Cut to Digital Intermediate facilities where Scratch artists perform color grading and exchange content with post. But more than fast storage, EditShare Version 6.0 also breaks down all workflow boundaries, letting users creatively share media and projects, and offering seamless integration with EditShare’s powerful yet cost-effective ingest, asset management, playout, and archiving solutions.”

Highlights of the new Storage Series and XStream Version 6.0 release include the following:

• Optimizations for DPX Workflows

With Version 6.0, users can enable DPX optimizations on a per-Media Space basis, and choose specific optimizations for HD-DPX or 2K-DPX workflows.

• User Groups for Simplified Administration

Version 6.0 allows for groups of users to be defined. Once a group is defined, it can be added and removed from Media Spaces and Project Spaces and managed the same way as individuals. Users can also belong to multiple groups.

• Managed and Unmanaged Space Capabilities

Version 6.0 includes the ability to convert Managed Spaces to Unmanaged.

• Media Space Renaming Feature

Administrators now have the ability to change the name of a Media Space.

• New Versions of Netatalk and Samba

By updating to the latest versions of Netatalk and Samba, EditShare ensures the fullest compatibility with the latest versions of Mac OS® X and Windows® 7.

• New Graphical Interface

Version 6.0 features a sleek new look to bring the solution visually in line with EditShare’s Flow, Ark, and Geevs solutions.

• Integration of Solid State Drives

Version 6 allows EditShare to offer its first shared storage server with Solid State Drives (SSD). A single set of 16 SSDs can support multiple streams of 2K DPX files, 50 or more streams of video in formats, including ProRes or DNxHD, or hundreds of audio streams for mixing applications. While SSDs are still much more expensive than Spinning Disks, the cost difference is narrowing rapidly, and for some applications, SSDs are appropriate today. In addition, EditShare will soon be implementing a new “data movement” capability that will allow customers to intelligently move Media Spaces from SSDs to Spinning Disks when usage patterns indicate that higher performance of SSDs is no longer required for that media.

• Multi-Port 10-Gigabit Cards

About 80 percent of all EditShare systems ship with 10-Gigabit networking. With Version 6, EditShare systems now offer Dual and Dual-Dual 10-Gigabit options, providing facilities with greater bandwidth and flexibility.

EditShare will be exhibiting the new version of the Storage Series and XStream shared storage solutions at the 2010 IBC Conference held at the RAI Amsterdam at stand 7.E20. A press briefing will be held at the booth on Sunday, September 12th, from 16:00 to 16:30.

Press can download image resources at

http://www.editshare.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=144 &Itemid=198

About EditShare Complete Collaboration Products

EditShare’s Storage Series and XStream Series shared storage solutions enable editors and compositors to easily and economically share media and work collaboratively, regardless of the platform or application. Users connected to an EditShare network can seamlessly access in real-time a common pool of media files. Source material, work in progress, and finished packages are shared and instantly available to all users on the EditShare network. The rules-driven workflow ensures that no data is ever overwritten or accidentally destroyed.

EditShare Flow, Lightworks, Geevs, and Ark bookend the shared production storage workflows with advanced asset management, editing, and distribution capabilities. The integrated solutions provide a highly scalable, end-to-end media management workflow.

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