Linear Acoustic Now Shipping World‘s First TV Audio Processor With Dolby® Digital Encoding

AEROMAX-5.1™ Manages Loudness and Optimizes Delivery of Surround Sound

LANCASTER, Pa. -- Jan. 7, 2008 -- Linear Acoustic, a manufacturer of customer-centric multichannel sound solutions for digital broadcast, announced today that it is now shipping its next-generation AEROMAX 5.1™ 10-channel TV audio processor. A comprehensive solution created to meet the challenges of advanced DTV delivery, the AEROMAX-5.1 features a loudness controller, upmixer, and metadata manager. The processor accepts 5.1 network audio, two-channel local audio, and digital or analog auxiliary/EAS stereo audio. Optional HD-SDI audio and metadata input and internal Dolby® Digital (AC-3) or Coding Technologies aacPlus (MPEG-4 HE AAC) encoding are also available.

“We‘ve designed the AEROMAX-5.1 to help broadcasters transition to digital as smoothly as possible,” said Tim Carroll, president and founder of Linear Acoustic. “The processing capabilities of the AEROMAX-5.1 make it easier to deliver the consistent and compelling surround sound for television that viewers expect.”

The AEROMAX-5.1 is based on the overwhelming success of the Linear Acoustic OCTiMAX 5.1 digital television audio processor. It combines network-proven dynamics processing algorithms designed by noted processing guru Leif Claesson with upMAX™ surround sound upmixing, and extensive local features such as a full-time two-channel downmix to feed legacy analog paths.

The system‘s built-in AutoMAX™ processing fixes two-channel audio that is broadcast wrongly signaled as 5.1 channels. This eliminates the annoying image shift that occurs as dialogue moves from the left and right front speakers to the center speaker when programs transition between two and 5.1 channels.

AEROMAX-5.1 takes advantage of metadata for the proper processing of audio and to control upmixing and other features offered by the unit. Network and local audio can be handled separately, with metadata used alone or in combination with dynamic range processing, to ensure a high-quality sound experience true to the original audio source.

With AEROMAX-5.1‘s new features, broadcasters can save time, money, and space while continuing to deliver quality audio. Options such as an HD-SDI video input and internal Dolby Digital (AC-3) or Coding Technologies aacPlus (MPEG-4 HE AAC) 5.1-channel encoding reduce the amount of equipment needed, while the redundant power supply allows smooth and reliable integration into typical transmission environments.

The complete range of Linear Acoustic solutions includes the AEROMAX™, StreamStacker-HD™, LAMBDA™, and MetaMAX™ products. More information about the new AEROMAX-5.1 10-channel TV audio processor and other Linear Acoustic products is available at

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About Linear Acoustic

Linear Acoustic provides innovative, customer-centric solutions for managing multichannel surround sound audio and loudness issues in digital broadcast. The company designs and manufactures the acclaimed AEROMAX™, StreamStacker™, and MetaMAX™ line of products, and licenses key technologies to OEM partners. It has been involved worldwide in projects with all major U.S. terrestrial networks, multiple local stations, and companies including Dolby Laboratories, Sirius Satellite Radio, Microsoft, HBO, Viacom (Showtime, MTV, etc.), Disney (ABC, ESPN), Sony Studios, and others. It is also actively involved in the ATSC, the NRSC, and other industry organizations, as well as being members of the AES, IEEE, and a sustaining member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. More information is available at