HaiVision‘s TASMAN deployed by Korea Telecom for broadcast monitoring

HaiVision‘s TASMAN deployed by Korea Telecom for broadcast monitoring

February 4, 2008 - HaiVision Systems Inc. (Montreal, Canada), the world‘s leading vendor of performance H.264 network video encoders, announces that Korea Telecom has deployed the HaiVision TASMAN encoders and decoders for monitoring of video transmission within nine regions in South Korea. The video network serves broadcaster SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System). The system was integrated by HaiVision‘s premier partner for South Korea - Yukyung Technologies.

KT has installed a network for the distribution of many media formats over large bandwidth connections between SBS and the local broadcasters in the nine regions. The connections support both compressed and uncompressed standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) content as well as other media. To ensure the performance of the distribution system from within central and local KT monitoring stations that only have E1 (2 mbps) or 2 x E1 connectivity, KT has installed HaiVision‘s TASMAN network video encoders and decoders throughout the network. The TASMAN offers high quality low latency video delivery using H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) video compression.

“Broadcasters are now turning to high performance encoders for both monitoring of critical links as well as interactive contribution,” states Mirko Wicha, HaiVision‘s CEO. “They are realizing that the efficiency of H.264 combined with the low latency interactive performance that has made HaiVision a leader in markets such as telepresence opens vast new opportunities for both operational challenges and content contribution.”

HaiVision‘s TASMAN supports SD full frame rate resolution video at under 200 milliseconds latency and under 2 Mbps. HaiVision has recently announced the MAKO-HD codec that supports up to 1080p HD resolution at up to 10 Mbps and with less than 70 milliseconds of end to end latency.

Plan to see HaiVision and the MAKO-HD at NAB booth SU11626. Access complete information on HaiVision products and application stories at http://www.haivision.com/account/downloads/.

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