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Inlet Expands Spinnaker Family of Professional Live Streaming Products with Management Console and Audio Encoder

Inlet Technologies, the leader in advanced encoding solutions for new media, announced today the expansion of its highly successful family of professional live encoding solutions with the addition of the Spinnaker Management Console and Spinnaker 80 high-density audio streaming appliances. Inlet’s Spinnaker Management Console provides the ability to manage multiple Spinnaker encoders from a single web interface, while the Spinnaker 80 appliances open new markets to content producers looking to further diversify their media streams.

Spinnaker Management Console supports large-scale installations from single interface

For organizations deploying multiple Spinnaker encoders, such as those producing professional-quality live video streaming for sports, news, entertainment, or other events, using one common interface to manage all Spinnaker assets at a time is an invaluable feature. Users can monitor all live outgoing streams on one snapshot page, detect any alerts and alarms from one view, and use a global calendaring feature to schedule resource allocation.

Additionally, the Management Console—in conjunction with multiple Spinnakers—provides built-in support for adaptive streaming, such as Microsoft’s IIS7 Smooth Streaming platform, for which Inlet was the first encoding technology provider to announce support. Adaptive streaming guarantees the highest-quality live streaming experience for the end user. Multiple redundancy levels and failover options allow for quick event transfer to a backup encoder in the event of a primary failure. The Spinnaker Management Console also allows for routine maintenance events, like software upgrades and scheduled services, to be automatically executed on all Spinnaker boxes.

All of these features directly translate to streamlined workflow and infrastructure, increased efficiencies, and fewer operational resources required to quickly get content in front of consumers.

Audio Spinnaker provides professional-grade multi-format streaming audio

Inlet also expanded its Spinnaker line of products to include the Spinnaker 80, a multi-channel live audio encoder that allows organizations to introduce multi-channel streaming audio for mobile or desktop applications. The new Spinnaker 80 family supports up to eight audio channels, allowing broadcasters to provide multiple language channels and to serve their listeners who might not have the required bandwidth to view video streams. According to findings recently published by Bridge Ratings, the Internet radio stream market is poised for explosive growth, with projections of almost 150 million overall weekly listeners by 2010.

The Spinnaker 80 comes in two configurations. The analog configuration (80A) supports up to eight mono audio input channels (or four stereo channels) with the ability to output up to four streams per input channel, for a total of 32 simultaneous streams. The digital configuration (80D) adds 4 stereo digital AES audio channels. Both offerings support multiple output streams per input channel, multiple bitrates and sample rates per codec, as well as multiple streaming audio formats.

DBee, a leading French streaming services provider, works with organizations’ external communication agencies and media in the fields of corporate, financial, internal, and crisis communications, marketing, and advertising. The company has been using Spinnaker 80D to generate crystal-clear iPhone-compliant Shoutcast MP3 streams.

“By offering tight system integration through a rich API, the Spinnaker 80D and its numerous inputs/outputs will easily provide the level of enterprise scalability required for audio broadcasters and multilingual organizations,” said Nicolas Weil, information systems architect, DBee. “As the provider of one of the first iPhone-compliant live encoders, Inlet will no doubt continue to closely follow the evolution of iPhone streaming and ensure its products stay at the forefront of innovation.”

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