Divergent Media showcases ScopeBox 3.0

Divergent Media demonstrated the recently upgraded ScopeBox 3.0 video monitoring, capture and analysis software at the 2012 NAB show.

ScopeBox 3 transforms the Mac into a complete video-analysis suite. It features a new engine for better performance, new fail-safe video capturing with live-editing capabilities, and on-the-fly transcoding to many production formats and new envelopes and alerts systems to make monitoring many video sources and logging issues easier.

ScopeBox 3 introduces a video processing pipeline called the Adaptive Kernel Engine (AKE). AKE allows ScopeBox to analyze and record nearly any video signal natively with a compatible third-party capture device.

ScopeBox 3 constantly writes coherent QuickTime data to disk so that, no matter when or how the record is stopped, the user will end up with a valid, playable file.