CE stores, consumers desperately seeking content

A new study from the Consumer Electronics Association surveying consumer electronics sales associates states that 80 percent believe sales of 3-D technologies will not be strong until more 3-D content is available. The survey, “The 3D Retail Experience – Opinions of Sales Associates,” polled more than 250 retail sales associates selling 3-D TVs and also found that many consumers are still confused about 3-D technology.

However, the view of 3-D TV from the sales floor is generally positive. The sales associates interviewed (June 4-13, 2010) reported that roughly 50 percent of shoppers have an overall positive response to 3-D technologies, while only 2 percent respond negatively. In addition, most (80 percent) report seeing an increase in interest and traffic over the past several months. (When compared to the launch of LED TVs and Blu-ray Disc players, sales associates believe 3-D TV has generated the same, or more, excitement.)

While nearly 70 percent of sales associates said they felt well trained to answer questions about 3-D, there is still consumer confusion. According to those interviewed, roughly half of consumers had some confusion about the technology. For most retail associates, some of the most frequently asked questions by consumers were about the availability of 3-D content.

To help retailers, the CEA has developed a 3-D TV primer. The association is also organizing National 3D Demo Days (Sept. 10-12, 2010) and is providing retailers with the tips and tools needed to offer the consumer the best possible 3-D retail experience.