16x9 Inc. introduces EX Compact Super Fisheye

Introducing the latest addition to 16x9 Inc.‘s rapidly growing EX Collection of high-end lens accessories: the Compact Super Fisheye. A smaller, lighter version of the extremely wide-angle EX Super Fisheye, this new single-element fisheye adapter is custom crafted to meet the higher demands of the new higher resolution, compact HD camcorders. Adding 0.4X magnification, it expands the view of the original lens, for a wide-eyed perspective that draws the eye closer to the center of the action. Images take on a convex appearance with exaggerated angles and extreme barrel distortion.

With its concise shape and front diameter of 90mm, the Compact Super Fisheye is tailored to fit beautifully on smaller-size cameras like the Canon XH-A1. Mounted to the front of the XHA1 lens, it delivers a 116° horizontal field of view. At only 6.6 oz. (187g), this ultralight adapter is an excellent optical tool for handheld work. Plus, the unit‘s compact size and weight make it less susceptible to damage than larger, heavier accessories.

The EX Compact Super Fisheye comes equipped with a 72:62mm step-down ring for mounting to the Sony HVR-V1U and HDR-FX7. Secured by a single set screw, the ring is anchored to the back of the adapter. With the ring removed, the unit features a convenient 72mm screw-in rear thread that attaches neatly to the front of most popular HD camcorder lenses.

Engineered and built in Japan for optimum optical performance, 16x9 Inc.‘s HD-quality EX lens add-ons are meticulously crafted of the finest grade materials and feature an innovative, technically advanced design. U.S. MSRP for the EX Compact Super Fisheye is $525. For a limited time, 16x9 Inc is offering the adapter at a special promotional price of $475. For more information on the Compact Super Fisheye and the rest of the 16x9 Inc. EX Collection, contact: 16x9 Inc., 28314 Constellation Rd., Valencia, CA 91355, Phone: 661/295-3313, Fax: 661/295-3314, www.16x9inc.com


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