ProConsultant Informatique Builds on its LOUISE® Enterprise Business Management Platform to Include Content Tools for Social Networking and Analytics

Fully integrated “SOCIALSEINE” delivers real-time results about usage and an immediate win for broadcasters

Jouy-aux-Arches, France – May 13, 2012 - ProConsultant Informatique (PCI) announced today a new module within LOUISE®, the company’s Business Management Solution, that allows broadcasters to optimize their content and brands in the growing market of Social TV. The new functionality builds on the LOUISE framework, which is the foundation for managing rights, assets, and workflows including program preparation, scheduling and delivery of content to multiple channels in linear and non-linear environments. The SocialSeine module works with the MediaBench production tools of LOUISE, which are specifically designed to make repurposing of content very fast and simple for CatchUp TV, Video-On-Demand and other non-linear platforms. SocialSeine integrates new technology from Mesagraph which provides real-time engagement data on social sites along with analytics. This capability adds a valuable new dimension for content providers.

The technology partnership between PCI and Mesagraph continues PCI’s forward-thinking philosophy to adapt innovative technologies into its core products that will improve productivity while meeting the emerging needs of the broadcast market. Channel producers can use MediaBench to create video extracts from live or recorded programming, add graphics or images and publish to multiple platforms. Thanks to the SocialSeine / Mesagraph integration, they now can also drastically improve their videos by selecting the clips that showed to be the most engaging; results can be filtered in ways to reflect channels’ preferred audiences, program types or other criteria.

“The social TV community is like a big lake, and broadcasters are standing on the shore casting bread (content clips and topics) into the water to attract the fish,” says Hervé Obed, founder and CEO of ProConsultant Informatique. “And as the fish come to eat, we are getting real-time monitoring results thanks to the SocialSeine module. We know what content tidbits the fish are eating and enjoying – which videos are being watched on social TV sites, by whom, how and from where. With this information the broadcaster can now provide more of the relevant and most interesting content and extend his brand, create “buzz,” and reach larger audiences. This combination of MediaBench production tools and SocialSeine reporting tools offers a very cost-effective and results-driven way for broadcasters to optimize their content in the social networking space.”

For example, during a live program about politics or a music awards show, an e-producer is using MediaBench to create and post clips on the social networks. At the same time, Mesagraph is constantly monitoring the social media sites and providing analytics about the topics based on the criteria prescribed by the SocialSeine module in LOUISE. That feedback is immediately available online to the e-producer and allows him to build momentum for the hot-button political topics or most-liked performer based on your pre-set criteria. The producer can quickly hone in on the most relevant themes. Using index and search tools in MediaBench he can find and post more clips about subjects generating the most interest; he can promote upcoming shows about that topic; he can build your brand image around topics of most relevance to your channel.

“The combination of the Media Bench tools in LOUISE and the new SocialSeine module with the Mesagraph platform takes social networking to a more precise, meaningful and rewarding level,” says Sébastien Lefebvre, Founder and CEO of Mesagraph. “With real-time insights and analytics, broadcasters have immediate knowledge about the users, topics of interests, threads and TV Shows that deliver the most meaningful results. They can use MediaBench to generate a continuous stream of engaging content based on these results to foster even stronger relationships with their audiences.”

This new integrated SocialSeine module offers the tools to exploit the power of social TV and social networking to derive the maximum potential.

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ProConsultant Informatique, based in Jouy-aux-Arches, France, develops state-of-the-art management software for media organizations. The company’s flagship business management software LOUISE and its advertising sales solution CINDY are enterprise offerings that streamline workflow processes with maximum control and access to information and metadata for management, data exchange, analysis, and reporting. With more than a decade of experience and a proven track record in nearly 250 television and multimedia organizations worldwide, ProConsultant Informatique exemplifies excellence in innovation and performance. For more information, please visit

About Mesagraph

Mesagraph, based in Paris, France, develops an innovative real-time Social Media analytics and data platform to help organizations, make faster, better decisions.

The Mesagraph platform is available as an API to deliver data that drive business and that can be used easily by TV Channels, ISVs, Advertisers, “Over The Top” solutions and “Set Top Box” manufacturers.

Mesagraph provides data to dozens of organizations to socialize their applications and is recognized as a leader in real-time short message processing and analysis.

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