Grass Valley's new digital workflow products

Grass Valley (SL 106) is busy demonstrating many new digital workflow products in their South hall boot. Among those being highlighted is the new K2 Dyno replay controller and Grass Valley Ignite with version 5.3 software.

The Grass Valley K2 Dyno replay controller coupled with the new K2 Summit production server are focused on sports applications, helping producers and other professionals capture live HD events instantly and play them out at variable speeds for critical analysis during fast-paced events.

Grass Valley is demonstrating Ignite software version 5.3 with new features and functions for single-operator, multi-camera productions. The Ignite HD system will be shown in tandem with the Grass Valley MediaFUSE content repurposing and multi-distribution system.

If you are looking for improved workflow ideas, don’t miss the Grass Valley booth.