Burbank, CA – Winter NAMM Booth #6979, Hall A … Mojave Audio, a company founded by David Royer (known for his work with ribbon microphones) is pleased to announce the introduction of the Mojave Audio MA-101fet Condenser Microphone. Evolving from David’s 20-plus years as a designer of custom microphones, the MA-101fet is an ideal choice for recording acoustic instruments such as guitar, piano, and wind instruments, as well percussion and drum overheads. With an abundance of headroom, this new microphone is also a great choice for miking loud instruments such as guitar amps, snare drums, toms, and sound effects such as gunshots, dragsters, and explosions.

The new MA-101fet provides warm, full-bodied reproductions of instruments without the shrillness and high frequency artifacts so often encountered with modern condenser microphones. The microphone’s warm FET circuitry and externally polarized capacitor combine to deliver low noise and high quality performance. The MA-101fet features both omni and cardioid polar patterns by way of interchangeable capsules and with its 3-micron thick, .8-inch diameter gold sputtered diaphragm, this new microphone is a truly versatile recording instrument.

As one would expect from a David Royer designed microphone, the MA-101fet’s performance specifications are equally impressive. This exceptional microphone features a frequency response of 20 Hz-20 kHz +/ - 3 dB, a sensitivity rating of -40 dB (1 volt per pascal), with a distortion rating of less than 1% @ 120 dB SPL (-15 db pad off) and less than 1% @ 135 dB SPL (-15 dB pad on). The microphone operates on standard 48 V Phantom power.

Dusty Wakeman, Mojave Audio’s president, commented on the company’s new offering, “The new MA-101fet draws upon the success of our MA-201fet and brings a comparable level of performance at a truly competitive price point. This microphone is a remarkably versatile general purpose recording tool that, I’m confident, will find a home in a wide variety of environments.”

With a MSRP of $595, the Mojave Audio MA-101fet will become widely available in Q1, 2009.

About Mojave Audio

Located in Burbank, California, Mojave Audio is a manufacturer of quality microphones for the recording professional. Additional information on the MA-101fet and all Mojave Audio products can be found online at