AmberFin unveils latest UQC, iCR Media Player

AmberFin unveiled the newest version of UQC, the Unified Quality Control solution for content ingest and transcoding operations, and iCR Player, a new media player with HD-SDI output for broadcast-grade monitoring.

AmberFin also announced new multi-transcode capabilities for iCR, its file-based content ingest and transcoding system.

Called iCR Unified QC (UQC), this approach to media quality control combines multiple tools for baseband checks during tape ingest, file-based QC after ingest and overall operator-controlled QC, including annotation and mark-up.

AmberFin also showcased development work to increase the number of third-party QC systems, including vendors such as VidCheck (VidChecker), Tektronix (Cerify) and Metaglue (MXFixer). The provision of wider choice enables users to integrate UQC seamlessly within their existing workflows more easily.

iCR Player is a professional standard, media player with HD-SDI output for broadcast grade monitoring. Available as an optional plug-in for iCR, this enhanced file player provides a single point of operator interactivity for multiple workflows.