Complete news production for the first time on Mac OS X with Vizrt graphics and Aveco automation

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – September 10, 2010 – Focusing on the worldwide trend towards flexibility, OCTOPUS Newsroom (2.B19) announced today its theme 'A Truly Platform Independent Experience' for the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2010 in Amsterdam.

At IBC 2010 OCTOPUS Newsroom is presenting the latest version of its primary product OCTOPUS6, a new generation, newsroom computer system, running natively on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows platforms. IBC Visitors have the unique opportunity to see two complete installations of OCTOPUS6 integrated with third party devices through the MOS protocol presented on Mac OS X and Windows platforms.

'We have always focused on new technologies, but since we have developed OCTOPUS6 on Mac OS X, we have been one step ahead of our competition. We are very pleased that our technology partners react quickly to trends in the broadcast market by developing systems that can be installed on Mac OS X platform as well. It brings the integration to a completely new level,' commented Petr Stokuc, OCTOPUS Newsroom CEO.

News production on Mac OS X integrates OCTOPUS6 with Building4Media FORK newsroom production and Vizrt's Viz Content Pilot graphics system. The Viz Content Pilot, that has been always available on Windows, can now also run on Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

Viz Content Pilot easily integrates into the editorial workflow. The Newsroom Connect Component is a graphics editing tool, that enables journalists to select graphics templates and edit images, text, videos, and maps. It also supports a real-time preview.

'With a commitment to develop a flexible core platform, that supports workflows on all major operating systems and that conforms to modern and emerging standards. At IBC we will demo a combined workflow with the Octopus Newsroom system giving journalists access to their favourite Vizrt tools also on Mac OS X and Linux, ' said Steinar Søreide, Operational CTO at Vizrt.

The other news production IBC visitors can see at OCTOPUS Newsroom stand is on Windows. It demonstrates OCTOPUS6 integrated with an Autoscript prompter and Aveco ASTRA 4 NUE automation. NUE, new multimedia user interface, has been recently developed in order to match customers' requirments, hence it is also available on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Key features include for example virtual control desktop support or layout management.

Astra 4 New User Experience is a new front end to the Astra Suite of Tools that will provide users with a quicker and simpler way to take advantage of all the power of Astra. 'We started with a clean sheet of paper and are coming up with a new user interface that will take our customers into the 21st century. We kept what works well today and added many new features to make customers more productive,' said Pavel Potuzak, President of Aveco.


About OCTOPUS Newsroom

OCTOPUS Newsroom is the world leader in providing platform independent newsroom computer systems in the TV broadcast industry with a history of more than 10 years of excellence. OCTOPUS6 is the latest version of its primary product, a multi-platform newsroom computer solution running on Windows, MacOS or Linux. OCTOPUS6 has an installation-free client, centralised updates and a straightforward user interface, while implementing all the features necessary for effective and efficient day-to-day newsroom operations. With rundowns, assignments, story approval, wires, email or RSS, placeholders, lowres browsing and other useful features, OCTOPUS6 helps newsrooms around the world, from local channels to 24/7 news networks. OCTOPUS6 is an open architecture newsroom solution which can be integrated with many third party systems such as automation, graphics and teleprompters through the MOS protocol.

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