~ Connectors Donated to School’s New Audio Control Room ~

CLEVELAND, OH – The Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) recently announced the completion of its Robert and Jean Conrad Audio Control Room, enabling students, faculty and staff the ability to produce audio recordings and broadcasts using cutting-edge audio, video and production technologies. Amongst the high caliber of professional equipment installed, Neutrik connectors serve as a lifeline, ensuring that all the gear is connected securely using its best-selling products.

The new control room not only enables audio and video capture for all events being held in Mixon Hall, the school’s new recital hall, but allows users to control much of the Hall’s equipment remotely from various locations throughout the school. This includes two Millennia Media HV-3R eight-channel remote control microphone pre-amplifiers, an array of remote control status/security cameras, a Panasonic professional video camera, as well as the hall's acoustic draperies, video projection system and more.

The upgraded connectivity allows CIM's Recording Services to further advance productions including more than a dozen live broadcasts each year including those on WCLV 104.9FM. Live broadcasts can be transmitted via audio over IP, Internet and legacy ISDN codecs.

Neutrik’s donation to the school’s new control room, which supplements its existing supply of Neutrik connectors, includes [32] X Series XLR 3-pole female cable connectors (NC3FX-B); [32] X Series XLR 3-pole male cable connectors (NC3MX-B); [16] NYS 3-pole ¼” plugs (NYS204); [24] NYS Phono Plugs (NYS373); [4] female chassis XLR 110 Ohm input - female BNC 75 Ohm output, AES/EBU Impedance Transformers (NADITBNC-F); [4] Female BNC 75 Ohm input - male chassis XLR 110 Ohm output, AES/EBU Impedance Transformers (NADITBNC-M); [3] 3-pole XLR female circular adapters (NA3FF); and [3] 3-pole XLR male - stereo 1/4" plug circular adapters (NA3MP).

"CIM is thankful to all those that contributed to the creation of its new control room, as we can now provide an unparalleled audio recording and mixing environment to our students," said Alex Kosiorek, Director of Recording Services at CIM. "I have personally been using Neutrik products for years, and I know they are durable and high-quality connectors. Neutrik’s uncompromising quality and reliability made its products our connectors of choice for this project.”

As the first music conservatory worldwide to receive THX PM3 (Professional Multi-channel Mixing and Monitoring) certification, CIM’s design team worked very closely with THX, to precisely engineer studio acoustics, speaker layout and performance, and system calibration. In addition to achieving the coveted THX PM3 certification, CIM has implemented Neural-THX Surround, a new technology enabling CIM productions to be mixed in 5.1 surround sound and delivered via two-channel stereo.

The control room is also equipped with ADC digital/analog patchbay AJA Kona LHe; Aphex 320A Compellor ; Apple MacPro; Final Cut Pro; Audio Arts Engineering 8400; Auto Patch Optima Series; Belden wire and cable;; Coleman Audio A-B 5.1; Dorrough 40A, Furman PL Plus Series 2; Gepco wire and cable; Henry Engineering Digimatch 2X6; Lipinski Sound L-707, L-301V, L-150, L-30; Lynx Studio AES16e; Magix Sequoia; Millennia Media HV-3R; Mytek Digital 8X192 ADDA; Neural Audio Downmix; Upmix; Panasonic DMP-BD10A; Rosendahl NanosyncHD; RPG Acoustics Acoustic Treatment; Sharp LC46D62U; Sonica Systems PC Computer; Sony PCM-R500, RDR-GX355; Sound Construction and Supply Custom Studio Furniture; Tascam DVRA1000, CD-RW750, LA-80, and Yamaha DM2000VCM with I/O Cards.

“Enabling students to learn more about the importance of connectivity when setting up and working in a control room environment is a great opportunity,” says Fred Besnoff, product applications manager at Neutrik USA. “We are very excited that Neutrik is able to help CIM throughout this endeavor.”

The Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) is a leading international conservatory with graduates who perform with the world's most acclaimed musical organizations, including 38 members of The Cleveland Orchestra. CIM's conservatory student body is international in its composition and more than 3,000 talented students have graduated in the Bachelors, Masters, Artist Diploma, Artist Certificate, Professional Studies and Doctoral programs. For more than 80 years, CIM has offered a world class education both at the Conservatory level and within the Preparatory Division. CIM offers hundreds of concerts each year for the community. Located in University Circle, Cleveland's cultural hub, CIM is easily accessible to all music lovers.

Neutrik manufactures a wide array of XLR connectors and receptacles, jacks and plugs, speaker connectors and accessories for the professional audio industry. Neutrik USA is located at 195 Lehigh Avenue, Lakewood, NJ 08701.

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