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Quantel releases Marco V4

Quantel’s field editor gains more features and capabilities

Newbury, UK, 29 May 2009: Quantel announced today the general release of Marco V4 software, which adds useful new features and capabilities to its field editing companion for Quantel’s Enterprise sQ integrated news production systems. Marco V4 is already in use with broadcasters in Europe and Asia, who have welcomed its enhanced capabilities.

Marco has brought the same easy-to-use editing interface utilized on thousands of Quantel news editors to journalists and editors in the field. Designed to run on standard laptops, Marco allows journalists and editors to be just as productive on the road as they are at base. This has made it an enormous success with broadcasters around the world.

Marco V4 adds useful new features and capabilities that make the whole job even faster and more creative:

• Essence driver support for P2 and XDCAM

• Mixed format, mixed resolution timeline

• Version 4 UI with Multi Layer Timeline

• One-shot video fix-it tools

• Integration with store-and forward software

“Marco is the ideal non-linear editing partner for today’s non-linear camcorders,” said Quantel Broadcast Marketing Manager, Trevor Francis. “What makes Marco even more attractive to broadcasters is that it also enables journalists and editors to take all their skills out into the field and produce high quality edited packages without the need to learn a different editing interface.”