Integration Improves Workflow Scheduling and Playout for the Government Agency

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – SSL DV, Inc., a Solid State Logic Company will feature the integration of the Snell Morpheus Automation and Media Management Systems with the Gravity Media Asset Management system at IBC 2010 (Stand 7.C15). This integration facilitates the automation of on-air playout of media assets for the Gravity system.

“We are very excited by the integration with the Pro-Bel Snell Morpheus Automation and Media Management Systems,” says Shaun McTernan, vice president of marketing for SSL DV. “Morpheus receives metadata from the Gravity gateway and manages the broadcast schedule, controlling Gravity play to air servers for on-air playout via the Morpheus PBAK LAN protocol. Snell integration is available for all Gravity Media, Network and Enterprise level systems.”

Morpheus Automation features Snell’s Media Ball system, which manages everything from simple server playout to complex channels where schedules are changing regularly and, therefore, unpredictable. Morpheus Media Management (M3) is a family of PC-based applications centered on a relational database. As part of the Morpheus Automation Solution, M3 ensures that material is identified, located and moved with precision for timely broadcast to air. The TCP/IP connection to Gravity is through the PBAK interface. The Gravity Metadatapublisher was created to notify the Morpheus automation that new media was created, changed or deleted on the Gravity system. As the playout is timecode-based, Morpheus automation can trigger other events such as a graphic synchronized with the main playout within Gravity.

For example, Danish Parliament installed a Gravity system and the Snell Morpheus integration facilitates the public dissemination of video taken during the Danish Parliament sessions. The integration with Gravity improves the scheduling and playout capabilities for the Danish Parliament.

Gravity Media Asset Management systems pull together the essential elements of encoding, storing, transcoding and decoding digital media to provide an integrated system for the ingestion, editing and playout of content for the broadcast, education, government, corporate and military markets.

SSL DV, Inc., a Solid State Logic Company offers comprehensive advanced turnkey Gravity Digital Asset Management and rapid media production systems serving the entertainment, broadcast, education, corporate and government markets. Systems can be configured for small workgroups up to multi-location enterprise systems. For more information on our products or services please visit us on the Web at: