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Innovative New Microphone Suspension Products To Be Demonstrated In Las Vegas

Stroud, UK, April 2008: Rycote, worldwide market leaders in the manufacture of microphone windshields and suspension systems, will be exhibiting and demonstrating a variety of new products at this year‘s NAB show, running from April 14th-17th in Las Vegas. The Rycote team will be situated at Stand N8511 throughout the show.

Rycote‘s major launch for NAB 2008 is the complete range of InVision microphone suspensions, which dispense with the elasticated cradles traditionally used to reduce microphone handling noise. Instead, the eight-strong InVision range is based around flexible but virtually unbreakable W-shaped clips, known as Lyres and available in several different sizes, which provide a more efficient isolation from unwanted vibrations than traditional suspensions. Lyres of varying diameters are then combined in the eight different models in the InVision range to provide suspension systems suitable for a wide range of microphones of different diameters and from different manufacturers. Models INV-1 to INV-3 are designed for smaller-bodied microphones in static use, while models INV 4-8 are designed for static and boom-mounted applications, and fit microphones ranging from 8 mm to 30 mm in diameter. A full list of microphones compatible with InVision can be found at

Live demonstrations of the InVision suspensions on boom poles and desk stands will be taking place throughout NAB on the Rycote stand, featuring InVision models INV-1 and INV-7, one of the most versatile models in the range. INV-7 is designed for shockmounting both fixed and boom pole-mounted microphones, and can be used with a variety of microphones from 19 to 25 mm in diameter, including the Schoeps CMIT-5U, Audio-Technica AT4073a, Sennheiser ME66/K6, Neumann KMR81i, DPA 4017, and Beyer Dynamic MCE86. The INV-1 demonstration system will be set up using two Schoeps CCM41 mics, to enable a comparison to be made between the new InVision mount and a standard desk clamp. Visitors are invited to listen to the improved isolation of the InVision.

The W-shaped Lyre webs at the heart of the InVision suspension system are also being added to an existing Rycote product, the Mono Extended Ball Gag system for the Sennheiser MKH 8000 series and other compact capsule mics. This suspension formerly supported the microphone by means of a four-point elastic suspension ring fitted to a bar, but the new version, which is being previewed at NAB, employs the more efficient Lyre webs from the InVision system for better reduction of handling noise.

To find out more about these new products, go to, or visit the Rycote team in person at stand N8511 during NAB. A frequency response curve showing the efficacy of the InVision suspensions may be downloaded at