ScheduALL Awards Certification Program – Best of Breed Credentials for Career Success

How are savvy career seekers gaining a competitive edge in the media and broadcast industry? For many, earning their credentials on ScheduALL’s Enterprise Resource Management system – the industry standard – is the key to achieving the highest levels of career development and success.

Angelita Cole, a Los Angeles-based Production Manager, is one broadcast professional who will soon be earning her certification on ScheduALL as a smart way to advance her career. ScheduALL has just announced that Cole is the winner in its global “Education is Power” contest, enabling her to become certified in the company’s industry leading resource management and scheduling system.

Cole entered ScheduALL’s contest when she visited the company’s exhibition booth at last month’s 2011 NAB show in Las Vegas. Entries were also submitted during the company’s pre-NAB webinar, as well as through its social media presence on both Facebook and Twitter.

“I’m very excited to earn my credentials in the ScheduALL system, which is considered best of class throughout the industry,” said Cole, upon learning of her win. “All of the major media and broadcast companies in the LA area are utilizing ScheduALL systems, so becoming trained and certified will make me much more marketable, valuable and successful in my job search and career.”

ScheduALL, the leading provider of Enterprise Resource Management and collaboration software for the global media and broadcast industries, offers instructor-led, hands-on training and certification testing several times a year in Los Angeles, New York, London and other major markets.

The company’s certification program, available at both the “Fundamental” and “Advanced” levels, covers both the ScheduALL core product and ScheduLINK, ScheduALL's advanced transmission management and optimization software solution.

ScheduALL certification helps develop the operational skills necessary to perform scheduling, billing and reporting tasks and equips the user to execute a variety of day-to-day operations. ScheduLINK certification, which provides training for satellite and terrestrial occasional-use management, simplifies the complexities of performing tasks such as visual path scheduling, BandPlan scheduling, Operations Manager monitoring and more.

ScheduALL’s world-class training programs are designed for users at various levels within the media and broadcast industries, such as ScheduALL schedulers, finance analysts, accounting coordinators, production operations managers and operators, producers, project managers and administrators.

In addition, training provides managers with an objective and reliable method for ensuring that their employees – and the employees of the companies they work with – possess the technical competencies necessary to perform at the highest level when using ScheduALL products, the scheduling and management system of choice of more than 1,200 customers in 39 countries.

For more information about ScheduALL certification, as well as a schedule of upcoming classes, please visit

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ScheduALL is the premier global provider of Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) solutions for the broadcast, satellite/transmission, media, and entertainment industries. Utilizing a modular approach, ScheduALL delivers scalable product sets that provide a collaborative platform for users across multiple environments, maximizing resources, operating efficiencies and collaboration. For more than 22 years, ScheduALL has been overwhelmingly recognized as the industry leader and partner of choice for operational management solutions, and today has over 1,200 installations in more than 39 countries. ScheduALL clients include all of the major U.S. broadcast networks, BBC, FOX News Network, The Associated Press, Intelsat, SES World Skies, Turner Studios, Mediaset, Technicolor, Deluxe, CBC, ABC Australia, and RTL. In addition, ScheduALL remains the system of choice for emerging and successful small-, mid-tier and boutique firms in the production, post-production and broadcast space.


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