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IDX Asks Fellow Broadcast Vendors to Support Yellow Ribbon America

IDX System Technology, Inc., a manufacturer of power and wireless transmission solutions to broadcasters and video professionals, announced today its support for Yellow Ribbon America, a non-partisan and nonprofit grassroots effort to unite the public and businesses in directly helping the families and military members of the U.S. and Canada during times of conflict.

Beginning July 1, 2009, IDX will donate a percentage of each sale to Yellow Ribbon America from every ENDURA E-10 and E-10S Lithium Ion battery sold throughout the rest of the year. In addition, E-10 and E-10S products will carry a yellow ribbon sticker, both to identify the company's support of this vital citizen movement, and as an ongoing reminder to fellow members of the broadcast community of the importance of delivering immediate and direct assistance to returning military personnel and their families. The yellow ribbon symbolizes the commitment to honoring military members' return home and assisting their families and the families of those who have fallen or are missing.

IDX is the first manufacturer in the professional production community to become a formal supporter of Yellow Ribbon America.

"The one factor that has united American citizens during the often difficult days since 9/11 has been our admiration for the men and women in our Armed Services-whether returning as veterans, fallen comrades or are missing-and the families who constantly support them back home," said Tony Iwamoto, IDX-USA executive vice president.

"Through person-to-person programs such as the National Welcome Home Project, programs for soldiers with traumatic brain injuries and combat stress/post-traumatic stress and similar activities, Yellow Ribbon America fulfills a unique and important personal role. With several national programs and projects fully underway, Yellow Ribbon America Campaign has actively reached out to over 400,000 military personnel and their families since 2003.

"We ask that other individuals and companies in the entertainment production community support this non-partisan, apolitical organization that is doing so much good for our military forces."

Yellow Ribbon America's mission is to educate, motivate, activate and unite all Americans, to give direct help and assistance to members of the U.S. and Canadian military and their families in their individual communities.

Yellow Ribbon America's unique Community Outreach Program has made great strides on behalf of America's military members and their families, gaining sponsorship from state legislatures and from both the Republican and Democratic parties. This joint effort with local politics has given Yellow Ribbon America a unique edge in helping to establish a non-partisan effort that has organized hundreds of communities in assisting their local military.

The Yellow Ribbon America campaign for America's military and their families is a sponsored project of the America's Heroes Foundation. America's Heroes Foundation is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization as defined under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

For more information about the Yellow Ribbon America organization, please visit their website at: or call them at (714) 454-1150.