Research Proves AmberFin’s iCR Delivers Better Quality Video at Reduced File Sizes and a Lower Cost Per Deliverable

Independent study reveals 68% of consumers prefer the quality of video content repurposed by AmberFin iCR over a leading competitor

Exclusive research conducted by User Analytics has revealed that AmberFin’s iCR software produces superior looking quality video content over that of its nearest competitor. The independent user research was undertaken to analyze viewer responses to video quality on a small (iPod Touch) and large screen (HD) device. Over two thirds (68%) of those questioned in the study preferred the quality of the video repurposed by AmberFin iCR, which also delivers content file sizes reduced by up to 25%.

The combination of better quality pictures and smaller file sizes is unique and has been achieved through AmberFin’s market leading R&D and engineering teams whose unrivaled expertise and innovation has enabled iCR to deliver sharper images, contrast and color for video content. The smaller file size also reduces the bandwidth that the content consumes, ensures less storage is required, lowers the cost per deliverable and enables users to download high-quality media content more quickly and cost-effectively through the Internet and mobile networks.

During the research, User Analytics asked respondents whether, when watching video on an iPod Touch or large (HD) screen, they preferred the quality of content delivered by AmberFin’s iCR software, or that of its leading competitor. The results revealed that consumers prefer to watch AmberFin’s repurposed video clips across all the genres trialed, including film (75%), news (84%), commercials (71%) and sports (64%). The results also found there was a particularly strong preference for media content, repurposed by iCR, within the 16 to 25 year old category.

The study also demonstrated the massive consumer demand for video content on a range of platforms. Of those questioned 93% said that they watch video content on their home PC or laptop, while over a quarter (26%) pay to download this content to their computer. Almost half (49%) said they watch video on their portable media player or mobile phone, with 16% of respondents having paid to download video to a mobile phone.

Scott Allen, VP Marketing, AmberFin, comments, “As the consumer appetite for video content continues to grow, content owners need to be able to deploy cost-effective technology that can repurpose and deliver their existing content across multiple viewing platforms at the highest possible quality, whether that is on TV, PC, or small screen devices. Today content owners face the challenge of meeting the quality expectations from their customers while aiming to reduce the file size of content in order to achieve a lower cost per deliverable. This research has clearly demonstrated that our iCR software can do this.”

AmberFin iCR has a heritage in providing the best image handling algorithms on the market and creates a high quality file-based master, delivers quality control review, provides unique file conversion to multiple formats and simultaneously prepares multi-platform versions of video content, all within a single software environment.

Notes to editors

A total of 100 people took part in the UK based user research, conducted by User Analytics. Further details of the study are available on request.

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AmberFin enables content owners to maximize the value of their TV, film and video content, from capture through to distribution, while increasing revenues, reducing costs, saving time and eliminating incompatibility issues. AmberFin iCR, with four-time Emmy-award winning technology, plays a key role in turning the content that owners have into the content their customers want. As an open standard, future proof platform that digitizes and transforms new and archived content, AmberFin iCR delivers the best quality pictures at smaller file sizes across multiple delivery platforms, including the Internet, VoD, TV, mobile and other small screen devices. AmberFin already has 100s of iCR systems in the field, and is trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious companies including Sony, NBA, Turner Broadcasting, BT, Channel 4, RTM and Warner Brothers, managing the digitization and repurposing of their content.

Privately held by Advent Venture Partners, AmberFin is part of the Snell & Wilcox Group, headquartered in Basingstoke, UK. More information is available at:

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