Monroe Electronics SCTE CableTec Expo 2011 Preview

Monroe Electronics SCTE CableTec Expo 2011 Preview


Nov. 15-17, 2011

Booth 915

Monroe Electronics' Products at the SCTE CableTec Expo Show:

New! Model 639 Program Timer III

At the SCTE CableTec Expo 2011, Monroe Electronics will showcase the new Model 639 Program Timer III. This model provides 2x1 (A/B) balanced stereo audio-follow-video switching by programmable time schedule. Control programming allows 100 separate weekly events and 20 separate dated events. Timer setup, programming, and real-time control are via LAN connection to the internal server using any Web browser. No PC control software is required. If the device is used on a network with an NTP, the 639 can be set to update the clock automatically each day for increased accuracy. Additionally, the operator can control the switch by contact closure using a GPI contact. The video switch portion of this unit uses RF-rated relays that allow switching of RF signals up to 950 MHz at +60 dBmV, or digital data streams up to 250 Mbs. Size is 5.25 by 3.1 by 1.9 inches.

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New! Stereo A/V and IF/RF Relay Panel With LAN Interface R197AV

Monroe Electronics' Model R197 audio-video/RF relay panel provides four independent 2x1 (A/B) balanced stereo audio-follow-video relay switches. A LAN interface with server enables real-time manual operation over the Internet or local network, allowing the switches to be controlled by any Web browser, by a contact closure using a Monroe Electronics Timer or remote control, or via a Monroe One-Net in an Emergency Alert System (EAS) setting. Each video relay will also function as a high quality IF/RF 2x1 (A/B) switch, with RF frequency response to 950 MHz or data streams to 250 Mbs. Individual relays can be linked to provide up to 5x1 matrix switching.

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One-NetSE(TM) R189SE Analog/Digital EAS Controller

Monroe's One-NetSE(TM) is a fully configurable EAS encoder/decoder. It provides full compliance with the FCC mandate, plus all the features required to be compatible with evolving technology for CATV and IPTV. The One-NetSE will interface with most existing analog EAS systems and can be enabled to meet the new digital EAS requirements. An optional internal MPEG-2 encoder with streaming EAS message is available for simulcast interface with a decoder/upconverter.

Designed to keep pace with the ever-changing headend environment, the One-NetSE EAS encoder/decoder features a standard 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet connection and an option for three more. This device can communicate via networks with the new digital platforms, or can be accessed via the Internet for monitoring or downloading upgrades. In addition to a full range of inputs and outputs, the One-NetSE can hold up to three internal AM/FM/NOAA radios. Additionally an almost unlimited number of EAS events can be stored in the memory with all the needed details, including the audio. With many other features available, the new Monroe One-NetSE is a complete EAS system for today and tomorrow.

Company Background:

Incorporated since 1954, Monroe Electronics, Inc. was founded on the concept of non-contacting electrostatic measurement via sophisticated electronic instrumentation. In the 1960s, Monroe pioneered the use of DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) cue tones for remote control and switching in industrial applications. In the 1970s Monroe worked with HBO for cue-tone switching in unattended CATV headends and later developed the first emergency override system for cable.

Today Monroe and its Digital Alert Systems division have become the technology leader in Common Alert Protocol (CAP) and EAS IP based emergency messaging platforms for CATV, broadcast, IPTV, Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), and campus applications.

The company continues to retain its hard-earned reputation for quality, reliability, innovation, and service to valued customers around the world. More information is available at


"Monroe Electronics is committed to helping the broadcast and cable industries effectively comply with Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) regulations as they continue to evolve. At SCTE, we will be the unveiling the One-NetSE(TM) R189SE analog/digital EAS controller, as well as a new stereo A/V and IF/RF relay panel with LAN Interface R197AV -- two innovative new products that will allow us to serve our clients better both now and in the future." -- Jim Heminway, COO

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