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Apantac to Showcase Tahoma-LE Multiviewers and Touch-Screen Extenders

Apantac LLC, a leading designer and developer of high quality, cost effective image and signal processing equipment is featuring their line of TAHOMA Multiviewers, and MT HOOD series of 4x8 HDMI Switches and Touch-Screen Extenders at the upcoming HD world event in New York, booth no. 1315.

Tahoma-LE Series of Multiviewers with built-in CATx Extender

The Tahoma-LE series of Multiviewers currently includes three platforms (LE4, LE16, LE32) to meet a variety of customers’ multi-format visual monitoring requirements. This 3G-ready family auto-detects 4 to 32 video inputs (HD/SD-SDI/Composite), supports DVI, HDMI and VGA outputs up to 2048x1080 (incl. 1080P), and includes built-in video and audio alarm detection. The Tahoma series incorporates a built-in CATx extender, which allows digital 1080P signals to be extended up to 115 feet. The unique combination of a Multiviewer and built-in CATx extender in a single solution helps reduce overall equipment costs and eliminates any equipment compatibility issues that may arise.

Apantac’s skin technology lets users personalize their on-screen display with any graphics tool. Video windows on the display may include multiple labels, and support UMD, OMD, IMD and standalone labels. Tahoma Multiviewers include 16 channels of embedded audio per input with 4 channels of discrete analog or digital audio as an option. Audio can be associated with the video windows or work as standalone audio meters.

The front panel of the Tahoma series also offers a unique feature-set that includes a headphone jack with volume adjustment for audio monitoring. And, front panel buttons enable users to quickly recall presets.

MT HOOD 4x8 HDMI Switcher with built-in CATx Extender

The HDMI 4x8 Matrix Switch with CATx Extension Outputs delivers high definition (HD) HDMI signals from any 4 sources to any 8 outputs or displays. The integrated CATx extension outputs ensure that 1080P outputs can be extended up to 115 ft (35 m) and 720P/1080i outputs can be extended up to 200 ft (60 m) using CATx cables.

The HDMI 4x8 Matrix Switch can be controlled locally via the front panel, or via an IR or RS232 remote control device.

MT HOOD Touch-Screen Extenders / Receivers

The Touch-Screen Extenders / Receivers allow you to extend VGA signals with either USB or RS232 Touch-Screen Control over a single CATx cable. They support 2048x1536 resolution up to 300 meters (1,000 feet). These devices are plug-and-play and require no software to operate and provide video gain and focus control for image quality adjustments.

For more information, visit Apantac at HD World 2009, Booth No. 1315