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H4 SuperMINI and PortaMic Line Now Available with Software Bundle

NEW YORK — Holophone®, the leading manufacturer of surround microphones, announces an exclusive deal to offer its Dolby Pro Logic II licensed microphones, the H4 SuperMINI, PortaMic 5.1 and PortaMic Pro, exclusively bundled with Minnetonka Audio’s SurCode™ for Dolby® Pro Logic® II software at AES 2009 (Booth 868). A Holophone representative will be at the Minnetonka booth space at AES to showcase how each company’s products can work seamlessly together, side-by-side.

“In keeping up with the needs of today’s computer-based audio engineer, Holophone is now offering a digital solution for decoding and encoding audio from our Dolby-licensed surround mics,” says Holophone CEO Jonathan Godfrey. “Collaborating with Minnetonka Audio’s SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II was a natural choice for us, as its products seamlessly integrate with our surround mics to offer a more streamlined workflow for our customers.”

Minnetonka Audio Software's SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II is the best way to digitally encode 5.1 surround for stereo delivery formats, as it is a fully licensed and certified application suite for both encoding and decoding. With an all-in-one installer, users can choose when and how to use SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II, giving a powerful multi-platform deployment at no additional charge. The SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II software matrix encoder allows broadcasters, game developers, video producers and audio professionals everywhere to easily encode 5.1 surround mixes into stereo sound files. Surround ambiences, sound effects and music stems can all be pre-encoded for delivery within stereo cues, and the resulting mix is completely stereo-compatible.

“Both of our companies are supplying engineers for the same jobs, but at opposite ends of the workflow,” says John Schur, president of Minnetonka Audio Software. “By adding SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II to Holophone’s already strong microphone products, the customer has a complete solution from field capture to final distribution.”

An industry first, Holophone’s cutting-edge H4 SuperMINI is ideal for broadcast, ENG and video applications, as the state-of-the-art mic easily captures 5.1 channels of audio and converts them into a stereo recording utilizing the mic’s integrated Dolby Pro Logic II encoder. As with the entire line of Holophone products, the H4 SuperMINI provides an unprecedented opportunity to catch and distribute true surround sound. The patented elliptical design and multi mic capsules capture sound in the same method as the human head, resulting in a recording that’s true to life and provided at an aggressive price point ― retailing for $2495.

Holophone’s PortaMic 5.1 taps into the power of the company’s H4 SuperMINI to offer users a professional-grade, 5.1 audio recording at a price that fits into any production budget (the PortaMic retails for $599). Its compact size and low learning curve make it a perfect addition to any audio and video application including in-studio, field recording, documentary and ENG. What gives the PortaMic’s 6 cm (2.5 inch) x 3.5 cm (1.5 inch) mic head its power are the six separate mic elements arranged to correspond with the typical 5.1 speaker setup in a studio or home theater. This patented design allows users to simply capture from a single point source, a discrete surround recording, with no additional mixing required.

Holophone’s PortaMic Pro camera-mountable surround microphone is based on the design of the PortaMic 5.1. The PortaMic Pro offers point-and-shoot usability in a compact size at an aggressive price point, retailing for $999. Using the company’s patented design, the PortaMic Pro allows users to easily capture, from a single point source, a discrete surround recording that provides listeners with a 3D immersive experience. Now with the PortaMic Pro, users will have additional control of their recordings with an audio zoom button, which increases the forward bias of the mic’s pick-up pattern which helps to ensure the sound source is heard even in noisy environments. For a more robust connection to the camera or stereo recording device, the mic’s surround encoded audio is output to a six-pin balanced mini XLR. Additionally, the encoder comes equipped with a stereo mini plug output.

“It’s great to see that two of our professional licensees are working together to make multi-channel surround audio more accessible,” says Sabine Bravo, senior manager of global sales programs at Dolby Laboratories, Inc. “Having Dolby’s technology available with Holophone’s surround mic technology coupled with Minnetonka’s software, gives users an elegant end-to-end solution.”

The SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II software will be available bundled with Holophone products at a discounted price of $725 and can be purchased through Holophone’s network of authorized dealers.

About Minnetonka Audio Software

Minnetonka Audio Software, an award winning solutions provider for video, broadcast, game, and CD/DVD production, creates essential technology for top media professionals around the world. Spanning over two decades of operation, their SurCode, discWelder and AudioTools AWE product lines broadly support Dolby, DTS and the DVD- Audio standard. Minnetonka Audio technology adds value to dozens of OEM manufactures and development partners. Based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc. has offices in Texas and a subsidiary in Germany in addition to an international network of distributors and channel partners who share our commitment to quality and service.

About Holophone

Holophone is committed to developing and commercializing products that use patented 3-D audio technology to bring the physical experience of “really being there” to a new level for all audio and visual productions by professionals and hobbyists. Holophone provides customers and business partners with industry-leading product and service quality. Holophone is firmly dedicated to providing outstanding value, excellence in service, and product performance.

Holophone surround-sound microphones are patented audio recording devices designed specifically to address the challenges audio professionals face in capturing, recording and broadcasting multichannel surround sound. Developed by Rising Sun Productions in Toronto, Canada, Holophone systems effortlessly capture discrete signals that are ultra-realistic and provide the most accurate spatiality, audio imaging, and directionality of any recording device. Entirely compatible with all audio mixing, encoding, and playback systems, Holophone also enhances mono and stereo mixes. Holophone systems provide the perfect front end for all professional and consumer audio applications including HDTV broadcasting, standard broadcasting of live sporting and music events, feature film location recording, and studio recording for music, films, and worship applications. Holophone surround sound technology has been used for numerous national and international broadcasts, including the Grammy Awards and NFL Super Bowl. As a scalable system, Holophone technology is also available for license to the consumer electronics industry.

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