New Tool for Cleaning SMPTE 304M Fiber Optic Connectors

US Conec Ltd. announces the immediate availability of the IBC™ Brand Cleaner M20 specifically designed for 2.0mm ferrule based connectors including the SMPTE 304M. This mechanical cleaning tool uses a dry cleaning strand to remove dust and liquid residue off the fiber optic termini in the SMPTE 304M and other 2.0mm ferrule connectors. The cleaning tip is able to reach the recessed ferrules and eliminates the need to remove the connector sleeve for cleaning. The M20’s alignment cap centers the cleaning tip on the protruding ferrules for consistent cleaning performance. The tool uses a simple pushing motion for engagement and provides an audible click to alert the technician when the tool has been fully engaged. The M20’s cleaning strand smoothly flows across the cleaning tip ensuring consistent contact with the center of the ferrule end face which gently sweeps away the contaminates. The IBC Brand Cleaner M20 reduces cleaning costs to less than $0.22 per cleaning. IBC Brand Cleaners provide improved reliability, better cleaning performance, faster cleaning times and lower cleaning costs than alternative methods such as sticks and swabs. For more information, please contact US Conec at or call 828.323.8883.