Dimetis-Solutions to Simplify Network-Management Attract Visitors at NAB 2011

German-based Enterprise Asserts Position as IP Broadcast Leader

At this year’s NAB Dimetis GmbH, the German-based IP Broadcast Leader, left the competitors far behind showcasing BOSS Platform®-solutions for webstreaming and contribution in heterogeneous networks.

“Our software solutions particularly for video services over IP networks obviously hit the market”, Dimetis CTO/COO Dr. Shahin Arefzadeh summes up the experiences of NAB 2011. Dimetis BOSS Platform® is designed to unify broadcast and telecom networks and to simplify configuration, management, monitoring and control of signals, equipment, facilities and networks.

“Capacity of BOSS Platform® is something really special”, explains Arefzadeh. “It provides total umbrella-management for every contribution and distribution network proverbial with a single finger touch.” The comprehensive end-to-end scalable product portfolio is standards-based, equipment-agnostic and vendor-independent. With its flexibly to implement into existing structures, allows a high degree of automation for different user levels and easily gets data in-synch with dynamic changes of networks.

“With Dimetis BOSS Platform® we do both: we manage more than 10000 services everyday for top broadcast and network operator and we are business enabler for hardware manufacturers and system integrators in the same time, providing a full supply business chain for all parties involved. We offer all the leading-edge features required to efficiently operate broadcast networks and services and to perfectly anticipate and fulfill customer’s needs such as cost-reduction, quality assurance, acceleration of video-transmissions, multi-client-capability, fast implementation of new services or independency of place.”

About NAB – The National Association of Broadcasters improves the quality and profitability of broadcasting; encourages content and technology innovation and spotlights the important and unique ways stations serve their communities. (www.nabshow.com).

About Dimetis GmbH - The leading German software supplier provides standards-based and customized Broadcast OSS and Telecom NGOSS solutions. Dimetis GmbH software products are used by many of the world’s largest broadcasters, telecommunication providers, and media carriers. (www.dimetis.de & www.dimetis.com)

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