DFT Digital Film Technology Adds New Features to SCANITY Film Scanner

DFT Digital Film Technology, provider of high-end film and digital post production solutions that preserve, manage, and deliver your pictures, has added new features to its SCANITY 4K/2K film scanner. DFT will highlight these new features at NAB 2011, SL11608.

The new features include; batch processing and background rendering for enhanced image processing, infrared channel and dirt processing, audio scanning for reading optical and magnetic audio tracks, automated D-min functionality, variable scaling, and a film shrinkage measurement feature.

Batch processing, background rendering – This feature generates a second set of files with image modifications; grain reduction, contour correction and softening, color space conversion, size changes, output format generation. Rendering takes place in the background using the SCANITY workstations, or if time is crucial an additional render workstation can be connected to the SAN.

Infrared Channel and Dirt Processing - Collimated infrared light and a separate infrared camera generate a dirt matte for dust and scratch processing. Internal processing tools in SCANITY conceal fine dust and scratches without limiting the speed of scanning.

Audio Scanning – An optional audio scanner mounted into the SCANITY film path reads analog optical audio tracks off 16 and 35 mm film and magnetic audio tracks off 16 mm film. This feature eliminates the need for separate image and audio scanning passes and synchronization.

Automatic D-min – This feature provides automatic analysis of minimum density and automatic settings of light levels. Other automatic functions in SCANITY include: auto focus, auto calibration, auto film stock detection.

Variable Scaling - A real-time scaler resizes the image compensating for shrinkage and provides 4096 horizontal pixels from an ACA format. The horizontal flip function fixes incorrectly laced film.

Film Shrinkage Measurement – This feature displays the amount of how much the film has shrunk. This information also ensures that the image and audio scans are in sync during scanning.

DFT will be at NAB 2011, SL 11608.