Christie Introduces J Series, The Next Generation 3-Chip DLP® Xenon Platform

Christie is pleased to announce the next generation of its 3-chip DLP Xenon platform - the Christie J Series. This new platform targets a variety of applications within the rental, staging and fixed install segments, requiring high brightness, superior performance and crisp, clear images - all in a compact, rugged and reliable package.

"The best image in the world just got better. Christie has taken its highly successful Xenon product line and evolved it with exciting new features like embedded Christie Twist that allows for image warping without the need to purchase additional electronics cards. Driven by a Xenon illumination system that offers the best color reproduction and stability, J Series also offers lenses with Intelligent Lens System (ILS) functionality and three resolutions, SXGA+, HD and WUXGA," said George Tsintzouras, senior director product management, Business Products, Christie.

The Mirage versions of the J Series models are high-performance, active stereo projectors providing exceptional 3D performance. Easy to set up and configure, these models are compact, yet powerful and flexible. The new capabilities include full native resolution 3D inputs of 60Hz per eye and triple flash 144Hz 3D for exceptional 3D movie content playback.

"Feedback from our customers was instrumental in the technological improvements of the Christie J Series," continued Tsintzouras. "The platform was designed to enable customers to use their existing accessories and gear such as lamps, stacking mounts, projection lenses and M Series input cards. J Series is also the same size as its predecessor and yet is both brighter and more efficient. Our customers and partners also benefit from knowing that the J Series models are 3D upgradable, protecting their investment should the need for 3D arise in the future."

Benefits of J Series:

* Christie Twist image warping and edge-blending is now included, eliminating the need for external processors and reducing cost of installation

* Xenon DLP performance in the most compact chassis in its class

* Full 3D upgrade path

* Ability to use existing legacy lamps, lenses and accessories

* Liquid cooling allows for operating temperatures up to 104 F (40 C) in Roadster and high power Mirage models

* Portrait orientation capabilities

J Series Product Lineup: Christie DS+8K-J, Christie DS+10K-J, Roadster S+14-J, Roadster S+18-J, Roadster S+22K-J, Christie HD7K-J, Christie HD9K-J, Roadster HD14K-J, Roadster HD16K-J, Roadster HD20K-J, Roadster WU20K-J, Mirage DS+8K-J, Mirage S+14K-J, Mirage S+18K-J, Mirage S+22K-J, Mirage HD7K-J, Mirage HD14K-J, Mirage HD16K-J, Mirage HD20K-J, Mirage WU7K-J, Mirage WU14K-J, Mirage WU20K-J.

"We're excited about this new generation of our Xenon 3-chip DLP products," said Gary Fuller, vice president, Business Products, Christie. "The new electronics architecture is built on our tried and true Xenon platform. It enables us to offer many new features, as well as enhance the features that our partners and customers have told us they value in our products. We've made our extremely successful and widely used platform even better with the J Series."

"Christie is proud to present the technologically advanced J Series to our customers and partners," concluded Tsintzouras. "This is a significant milestone for Christie as we continue to bring superior products and services to the market."

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