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Bayerischer Rundfunk Supervises Signal Integrity With Dimetis BOSS STREAM Viewer®

Cost-saving Monitoring-System unifies Multiviewer and Content-Analyzer

Dietzenbach, Germany – January 20th - Dimetis GmbH, an international broadcast & telecoms software house, today announced the successful implementation of the highly efficient BOSS STREAM Viewer® into Bayerischer Rundfunk’s broadcast transmission center Wendelstein located at approx. 1800 m above sea level.

The BOSS STREAM Viewer® integrates multiviewer (up to 24 programs) monitoring and content analysis functions in one application. Bayerischer Rundfunk not only monitors its own programs but also those of other broadcasters, as a service. BOSS STREAM Viewer® helps by ensuring service quality is achieved and maintained. The Dimetis BOSS STREAM Viewer® software decodes and displays up to 5 high definition or 25 standard definition DVB or IPTV transport streams, on a single LCD monitor, each with live bar graphs for up to four real-time audio signals. Displays for each source can be independently sized and positioned on the screen. The BOSS STREAM Viewer® monitors and analyzes stream packet content for irregularities such as signal and bitrate loss, video freeze, audio silence, PID data loss, wrong service information, and more. Upon fault detection, the BOSS STREAM Viewer® generates an SNMP trap to external systems or other Dimetis BOSS Platform® products such as the BOSS BROADCAST Manager® for studio-wide and network-wide corrective action respectively. The BOSS STREAM Viewer® is a cost-effective software solution that runs on standard, off-the-shelf server hardware with common I/O interface cards. Applications include: cable, satellite, terrestrial compression, play-out and transmission centers, DVB and IPTV head-ends and IPTV distribution networks. When coupled with the BOSS Broadcast Manager® for end-to-end broadcast monitoring and control, the BOSS STREAM Viewer® provides real-time quality-assurance across diverse equipment and complex global networks. About Bayerischer Rundfunk – With eight radio and two TV channels, teletext and its own webpage the Bayerische Rundfunk provides up-to-date news, educational and entertainment programs for up to 12,5 million people. For more information please visit Dimetis GmbH - Dimetis GmbH, headquartered in Dietzenbach, Germany, is a leading software supplier providing standards-based and customized Broadcast OSS and Telecom NGOSS solutions. Dimetis GmbH software products are used by many of the world’s largest broadcasters, telecommunication providers, and media carriers. ( & For further information, please contact:Dimetis GmbH Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 9 63128 Dietzenbach, Germany Tel.: +49 6074 3010-0 Fax: +49 6074 3010-301