Media Links Inc. Demonstrates Ultra Low Latency Video Compression Technologies at GV Expo 2011

Media Links Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Global Links will be at Government Video Expo, booth 721, demonstrating its MD8000 JPEG2000, an integrated video switching and transport solution, as well as its ultra-low latency VC7700 H.264 video encoding solution. As part of the demonstration, the H.264 and JPEG2000 codecs will be shown as a flyaway communications kit that supports secure delivery of contribution video and audio signals across an IP or SONET based network.

The demonstration will compare native uncompressed HD-SDI, JPEG2000, and mezzanine-level codecs compressed between 75Mb and 400Mb with the H.264 standard operating between 2Mb and 120Mb running in ultra low latency mode at 10ms. Visitors to the Media Links GV Expo booth will have the opportunity to see a native uncompressed reference signal with both an H.264 and a JPEG2000 output so they can visually compare latency rates.

With its low delay compression algorithm and low latency user-selectable compression rates, the VC-7700 is appropriate for low bit rate applications that require high quality HD/SD-SDI (up to 1080i) video and audio transmission over IP networks. The VC-7700 supports the H.264 / MPEG-4 advanced video coding (AVC) standard for video compression, providing excellent video and audio transmission at substantially lower bit rates than other standards, such as JPEG2000. The VC-7700 offers multiple delay modes including, ultra low delay of 10 milliseconds (ms), low latency mode of 55 ms and standard latency mode of 100 ms.

While the H.264 / MPEG-4 standard has a wide range of applications, Media Links has found successful market acceptance of its VC-7700 H.264 / MPEG-4 encoder in a wide number of contribution applications such as; electronic news gathering (ENG), satellite news gathering (SNG), sporting events, video contribution over both terrestrial and satellite networks, a variety of military applications, and anywhere narrow bandwidth networks exist that require the contribution of high quality video, audio, and data content.

The VC-7700 encoder contributes very little delay offering real-time telemetry for transparent display of remote information. This is ideal in government military applications that monitor specially timed and time sensitive video and audio signals.

The Media Links MD8000 is a media transport solution providing a high level of flexibility in content networking systems. It is designed to work transparently in SONET/SDH, IP Core and Ethernet environments, and supports simultaneous interconnections between the environments to maximize media connectivity. The MD8000 family serves as a multiplexer; combining video, audio, telephony and file-based data signals into one or more optical links. It also functions as a switch, to allow individual services to be extracted from incoming signals and distributed to one or more outbound signals. Its IP switching functionality is similar to what legacy video cross-point switchers offer, yet it provides the added benefit of non-blocking to allow complete utilization of all available bandwidth.

The MD8000 family addresses the need for carriers to connect directly to native Ethernet/IP networks for long-haul, multiple-wavelength transport links, which results in significant cost savings.

Media Links Inc. will be at GV Expo, booth 721.