AXON ( has enhanced its transmission recording and compliance recoding system TRACS with an HD input. The HD input on the TRACS recorders enables compliance recording or video logging without the need for an additional external device for down conversion. The HD input will be available as an option on all types of TRACS recorders and will not affect the maximum storage capability. The recorded feeds will still have the compliant picture quality at the necessary low bit rates.

The enhancement of the TRACS recorders also allows for:

 Capture downscaled HD video feeds in MPEG2, MPEG4 or H.264

 Custom setting for large (full D1) or small (CIF) video resolution encoding size

 Ability to record all 16 embedded audio channels out of the HD input

 Hardware playback of recorded content over SD-SDI and analog outputs

 Burnt-in LTC or NTP time code on the video input

 Anamorphic (8_vid) WSS insertion into the down converted recordings

Peter Schut, AXON’s CTO explains: “Broadcasters came to us with the request to record their HD-feeds for compliance issues which is a logical step with the huge increase of HD-channels. Compliance recording is a ‘must do’ from a legal point of view but can also help to resolve a dispute or maintain advertiser confidence. Our TRACS system makes compliance recording easy”