Announcing Vimsoft Live!

Many broadcast engineers have asked information-management powerhouse Vimsoft to offer the VimBiz Equipment Asset Management solution pre-loaded with the most common broadcasting products. Software with pre-loaded data? Why not? In response, Vimsoft has delivered much more--Vimsoft Live. Instead of having a static pre-loaded product list, Vimsoft customers using VimBiz now have seamless live access to a continuously evolving product database. And the Vimsoft Live product database is not a bare-bones list of common manufacturers and models. As VimBiz users would expect, there are product images (even searchable in a Thumbnail view), manufacturers, models, types, descriptions, notes, and even pricing information. A single click imports the product information to the customer‘s local VimBiz database.

Vimsoft Live enables VimBiz users to easily find rich product information that corresponds to assets the user has in their company inventory, thereby standardizing and minimizing data entry procedures. Another big plus--Vimsoft Live allows VimBiz users to identify the best product or part for an upcoming project, click to add the item to the local database, and then drag-and-drop it into the Product Request Shopping Cart to create a new Purchase Order.

It is technologically fascinating yet elegantly subtle that in grabbing products from Vimsoft Live the user accesses information hosted and maintained on a server at Vimsoft headquarters, all the while never leaving the application the user is working in.

“Vimsoft Live capabilities are a powerful complement to what is already the broadcasting industry‘s most powerful Equipment Asset Management solution, VimBiz,” notes Vimsoft President Mitch Manuel. “The user experience is so slick it is largely imperceptible what is going on behind the scenes, underscoring the beauty of the technology,” adds the visionary executive. “For our industry Vimsoft Live is a revolution in managing broadcasting assets.”

To check out Vimsoft Live go to, register / log in, and download the latest VimBiz trial version, free for 90 days. Visit Vimsoft in booth #SL129 at NAB Show 2008 in Las Vegas.

About Vimsoft

Vimsoft is a leading provider of versatile information management solutions for the broadcasting and media production industry. The company‘s VimBiz Equipment Asset Management (EAM) software solution is the best-of-breed application for streamlining workflows for service coordinators, maintenance engineers, and technicians. From the single-studio operation to the enterprise-level company with multiple production facilities, service shops, and parts rooms, VimBiz maximizes ROI for critical production, post-production, broadcasting, and transmission equipment, software, and other assets. To learn more please visit To download Vimsoft and VimBiz logos please click