Innovative Suspension Introduced On All Rycote Modular Systems At IBC 2008

Stroud, UK, September 2008: Rycote, the UK-based manufacturer of innovative microphone suspension and windshield systems, have announced that their patented Lyre microphone clips will be introduced this month across their well-known range of Modular Suspension and Modular Windshield systems, replacing the original four-point elasticated suspension design.

The W-shaped, virtually unbreakable Lyre clip (shown at the end of this news release) made its debut in Rycote's S-series windshield and suspension system last year, following several years of R&D effort. The aim was to create a one-piece, firm but flexible suspension clip that would isolate microphones from handling noise and stand-borne vibrations more efficiently than traditional elasticated suspension cradles or elastic-suspended clips. The patented design was a great success, drastically reducing low-frequency handling noise, and the Lyre design went on to form the heart of Rycote's new InVision range of microphone suspensions, launched in early 2008. However, the InVision range was not designed for use within windshields. Now, Rycote customers who wish to use their microphones outdoors can also enjoy the noise-reducing benefits of the Lyre design inside Rycote's award-winning Modular Suspension and Modular Windshield systems.

From September, Modular Systems designed for small and medium-sized microphones, and Windshield kits 1 to 6 inclusive will begin shipping with universal Lyre clips, which are designed to hold microphones from 19 to 25mm in diameter. Modular systems 1 to 6 will also include a CB1 Connbox connector (see picture below), which decouples the microphone from its cable to reduce unwanted cable-borne vibrations and noise. Large modular suspension systems, and Windshield kits 7 and 8, which are designed for longer mics, will ship with an included microphone 'tail' (also shown below) instead of the Connbox: this is a short extension connector with an ultra-soft cable which also decouples the microphone from its cable.

In addition to these accessories, all Modular Suspension Systems and Windshields will now include a pair of 25mm flat-sided Lyres, the type used in the new InVision model INV-10 to accommodate the popular square-sided Sennheiser MKH-series microphones. 30mm Lyres, designed for the very broadest microphones, will also be available on request.

The Lyre designs are fully backwards-compatible with Rycote modular suspension and windshield systems, and Rycote are now separately selling upgrade kits consisting of packs of Lyre clips in pairs, so that existing owners of Rycote's modular systems can also enjoy the benefits of the Lyre design. The upgrade kits are available with or without a Connbox, so that customers who already use one do not have to purchase another.

"The Lyre design has proved itself technically and commercially over the past year, and it's now time to introduce it to users of our popular modular systems," comments Rycote's Technical Director Simon Davies. "We're confident that our existing customers will want to upgrade to the Lyres, which is why we're providing them with an affordable upgrade path."