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NAB’s Smith gets another five years

Following his success in navigating broadcasters through the retransmission consent and spectrum auction firestorms over the past two years, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has extended the contract of Gordon Smith, its President and CEO, for another five years. This will see him serve through 2016.

Smith joined the NAB in November 2009 and oversees the advocacy efforts of thousands of local radio and television stations across America. He is a former two-term United States Senator from Oregon (1996-2008) and was a successful entrepreneur before launching his career in politics.

“I’m thrilled by the vote of confidence by the NAB Board and membership,” Smith said in a statement. “As president of NAB, I get a first-hand view of the indispensable role that local and network broadcasters play in serving communities every day with news, entertainment, and life-saving weather warnings. Broadcasters take seriously our role as stewards of the airwaves, and it is a privilege to represent a diverse membership with a vibrant future.”