YouToo Facebook-to-TV social media app lets you "Be On TV”

A company called Youtoo has announced a new Facebook app that allows subscribers to be a star in their favorite shows and get on commercial television with just few clicks.

Luanched last week, the Facebook “Be on TV” app allows broadcast videos from Facebook to air on Youtoo TV, which can be seen in 177 of the top 200 cable markets in the U.S. The app was designed for major broadcasters around the world and will run on other networks this fall.

“We designed the technology so that Facebook users can be on their favorite shows,” said Chris Wyatt CEO of Youtoo. “For the first time Youtoo technology is instantly available to the 800 million Facebook users.”

Facebook users can search the keyword “Youtoo” to download the Be on TV app. Users can record or upload videos based on questions posed by the program. Once a video is recorded, it will automatically post to their personal timeline or wall and can be shared online with their social network and Facebook friends.

When a Facebook user’s video is approved and scheduled for air, he or she will receive a notification on Facebook of the time and date they’ll be on TV.

After the user appears in the program, he or she will automatically receive an air check or recorded video of the live airing to share. To date, YouToo has nationally televised over 90,000 videos submissions from their users who have uploaded their videos via

For Facebook users who don’t want to be on TV, the Be on TV app allows them to send personalized messages including birthday greetings and congratulations to family and friends.

Since launching, Youtoo technology has broadcast over 90,000 viewer videos on national television and bridged the gap between social media and interactive television.