Turner Studios adds Nexidia Dialog Search

Turner Studios, the production arm of the Turner Broadcasting System, is integrating the Nexidia Dialog Search into its daily operations, the company announced last month.

Nexidia Dialog Search helps broadcasters, movie studios and online video providers monetize their asset libraries by quickly finding any word or phrase spoken in their media, leveraging recorded dialog as precisely timed metadata.

Capable of searching 100,000 hours of audio, video and standard metadata in less than a second, Nexidia’s technology — available as both a standalone product and a software appliance for integration with existing media asset management systems — provides a richer, more detailed way to find valuable content in dozens of languages.

The initial implementation at Turner Studios will support the Turner Sports library and production operations in their coverage of programming for the NCAA, NBA, NASCAR, PGA, Sports Illustrated and other league sites. Nexidia Dialog Search also will be used to search hundreds of hours of rare interview footage for Turner Classic Movies (TCM), allowing producers to quickly and accurately search archive footage from some of Hollywood’s finest talent.