Hamlet Vidscope-Plus automates QC logging

Hamlet is tackling the challenges of content quality control in the digital environment with its new Vidscope-Plus, a software application, running on a standard PC.

Introduced at IBC2011, Vidscope-Plus analyzes all aspects of audio and video either as a file or — with a suitable video capture card — as real-time content.

As a standard test and measurement tool, Vidscope-Plus allows up to six concurrent traces to be displayed on a single monitor. All standard parameters are covered, including video levels, color gamut, histograms, waveforms and vectors, together with audio levels and phasing for stereo and 5.1 surround sound. Vidscope-Plus also checks for flashing sequences, which might trigger photo-sensitive epilepsy (PSE).

The Vidscope-Plus has the ability to perform a complete QC check on a piece of content and logging any out-of-specification portion using its time codes.