Hate your job?

Yep, all those bad things you’ve been complaining about are true. Being a broadcaster can suck.

At least that’s what a new report from CareerCast says. According to the report released Tuesday, broadcaster and newspaper reporter are among the worst of jobs. On a list of 200 job titles, the classification of broadcaster fell 63 points to a bottom-bouncing value of 191. Newspaper reporting fell eight points to 196. Some of the very few jobs that are characterized as worse than being a broadcaster include; enlisted military personnel (198) , oil rig worker (197), dairy farmer (199) and lumberjack (200). Bet you didn’t know you job could be almost as stressful as being in the military.

Gosh, I never thought being a broadcaster was such a bad thing. However, examined it in light of the adjectives used by the survey’s publisher, it is clear why that might be thought so. Some of the measured characteristics for the listed jobs include; high stress, short deadlines, long hours, poor hiring outlook.

Said Tony Lee, publisher of CareerCast.com’s 2012 Jobs Rated Report. “Despite these poor working conditions, competition is steep for what jobs remain after massive consolidation and layoffs in the media industry.”

And the jobs rated highest? They include software engineers, actuary, HR manager, dental hygienist and financial planner. Another name for those jobs might be boring.

If given the choice between being a dental hygienist and lumberjack, I might pick the latter. Cutting down trees sounds way better than sticking my hands in other people’s mouths. If given a choice, I’ll stick to watching Ax men on the History Channel.