NAB 2012: Cameron/Pace to show how 3-D can be profitable

This is becoming an NAB tradition. famed film director James Cameron and 3-D production pioneer Vince Pace are back at the show this year to talk about 3-D production in movies and sports. This time, however, the founders of the Cameron-Pace Group (CPG) are slated to show broadcasters how to make 3-D profitable.

CPG’s solutions are said to have supported more than 200 sports productions and dozens of feature films generating more than $8 billion in box office. Before the company was established, broadcasters were unable to make a viable business case for 3-D. But now, the NAB said CPG’s “5D solutions” enable crews to shoot 2-D and 3-D at the same time, without a significant increase in production cost or personnel.

By focusing on meeting the creative, technical and cost demands of productions, CPG said it can elevate the entertainment experience while making 3-D production cost-effective and the final result profitable for broadcasters and filmmakers.

In this Super Session on Monday, April 16, at 10:30 a.m., Cameron, fresh from the world’s deepest underwater dive, and Pace will reveal the strategy and the details behind 5D productions, including the ESPN Winter X Games where 35 rigs were used to accomplish the largest 5D production in history.

Broadcasters will be shown how the 5D methodology enables them to increase revenue by integrating 3-D into their existing 2-D workflow.