Broadcast Engineering announces newsmaker interviews from the floor of IBC2011

Can’t make it to IBC2011? Or, perhaps you’re so busy at the convention that you don’t have the time or the ability to meet with key industry leaders to find out what’s on their mind and where they think the industry is headed.

Not a problem. Broadcast Engineering has you covered with a series of video interviews to be conducted at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam. Designed to put you face-to-face with some of the top newsmakers in the industry, the interviews will be available beginning Sept. 10 on our website.

Here’s who is lined up for the interviews and some of the topics they will discuss:

• Jean-Pierre Evain, senior engineer, EBU, who will talk about the European Broadcasting Union’s work developing standards for employing a Service Oriented Architecture.

• Peter White, director general of the International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers, who will discuss the impact of the tough economic climate on broadcast manufacturers and how the association is helping members.

• Steve Plunkett, director, technology and innovation at Red Bee Media, who will explore the development of new commercial solutions and services.

• David Hoad, director of global video at the Associated Press, who will talk about the news organizations transition to HD and support for mobile video platforms.

• Peter Siebert, executive director of the DVB Project, who will shed light on its work establishing broadcast standards for DVB-T2 Lite and 3DTV.

• Michael Crimp, chief executive officer of the IBC, who will talk about this year’s show.

• Stefan Kurvine, who will talk about TV4’s migration into file-based news production, IP-based content delivery and digital asset management.

• Lukas Kernell, general manager Thematic Channels at Chellomedia’s Digital Media Centre, who will discuss the challenges faced by today’s media distribution companies.

• Danny Popkin, manager of BBC studios and post production's technical development, who will talk about new tapeless production workflows.

• Mark Richer, president of the Advanced Television Systems Committee, who will discuss development of next-generation television standards and a new international broadcasting forum ATSC is sponsoring in November.