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Apantac to introduce TAHOMA Cynergy virtual mouse, keyboard control

Apantac will launch its TAHOMA Cynergy virtual mouse and keyboard controller at IBC2011.

TAHOMA Cynergy is a software option that lets users control all computer inputs on one or multiple TAHOMA multiviewers with a single mouse and keyboard.

Cynergy features a seamless interface between a single mouse and keyboard with all computers that are part of the TAHOMA multiviewer system. For example, users can move the mouse across all windows on a single display or multiple displays, as well as copy and paste information between connected computers.

Cynergy can be used with the TAHOMA-DE Universal and TAHOMA-DL Hybrid lines of multiviewers. The software is backwards compatible, which means all existing installed TAHOMA-DL or DE multiviewers can be upgraded with this new control feature.

See Apantac at IBC2011 Stand 7.K21.