AccuWeather lets your fingers do the talking

AccuWeather, based in State College, Penn., has unveiled a new interactive touchscreen system called StoryTeller that lets on-air talent present news and information in a highly visual and technically sophisticated way. Users can incorporate live HD and SD video, graphic images, movies, and web and social media content into their presentations, including stories that are unfolding in real time.

Ryan Ayres, vice president, Display Systems and Services, said AccuWeather provides stations with everything required to present the news with interactive, leading-edge technology that will attract and engage viewers. A proprietary interface provides special features to let users easily move story elements within the display and to quickly swipe from one full-screen scene to the next.

StoryTeller also includes applications for news, sports, elections, traffic and weather presentations. It also provides a library of informational videos and graphics for tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, making it easy to be first on the air with the story.

The system has full telestration capabilities and, with its full Internet connectivity, the presenter can invite viewer commentary or highlight further coverage on the station website or through social media. The system also includes detailed 3-D maps to help illustrate locations of breaking news.

The StoryTeller touch surface is available in multiple sizes to support a variety of interactive presentation techniques. For example, the 82-inch wall-mounted screen accommodates two presenters—one on each side—that can interact with each other. Another configuration is a large screen on a special set, combined with a smaller screen at the anchor desk to foster interaction amongst the news team.

Here’s a demo video of StoryTeller.