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From BE@IBC: Ban kids from airline flights

The best thing about conventions is being there. The worst thing about conventions is getting there.

After enduring 22hr, door-to-door travel getting home, I’m ready to endorse children-free airplanes. I was unfortunate enough to encounter several of the most ignorant, selfish parents with small children in all my years of flying.

In both legs of my return flight, there were multiple 3-yr-old-something’s who were allowed to totally disrupt the flights with their screeching, screaming behavior. I watched (and listened) as these acoustic terrorists held all of us passengers hostage, in one case for nine hours. No one, including the kids’ parents, worked to temper the behavior of these obnoxious brats.

I say ban kids who can’t behave themselves (and the parents who refuse to make them behave) to the airplane’s cargo hold. Heck, the kids will probably like it because they’ can play with the other animals there.

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