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MultiDyne to Unveil the Next Generation in Fiber Optic Transport Solutions at IBC2008

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IBC Stand 2.A54

August 13, 2008

Company Offers New 3Gb/s Transport Solution for Field and Harsh-Environment Applications

LOCUST VALLEY, NY – MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems, a leading provider of fiber optics for the transport of video and audio for broadcast & pro A/V applications, will unveil the next generation in fiber optic transport solutions at the 2008 International Broadcasting Conference (IBC) being held September 12-16, 2008, in Amsterdam (Stand 2.A54).

“MultiDyne has taken its affordable, future-proof fiber transport solutions and packaged them in a field-portable system for applications where battery-powered equipment is required,” said Bob McAlpine, vice president of global sales and business development. “By incorporating our 3Gb/s fiber technology into a field-ready system, MultiDyne is enabling more broadcasters to easily and affordably migrate their operations to digital and high-definition services.”

At IBC2008, MultiDyne will demonstrate multiple fiber transport solutions including:

LiGHTBoX Fiber Optic Field Transport System

MultiDyne is addressing the need for fiber transport in field and harsh-environment applications with the introduction of its LiGHTBoX fiber optic field transport system. Ideal for ENG, sports and military environments, the LiGHTBoX has both AC and DC power operation with battery back-up. The LiGHTBoX series is fully customizable, offering virtually any signal configuration. This road-ready, robust fiber solution can be linked via a tactical fiber cable or any pigtail-type connector to another LiGHTBoX or MultiDyne terminal products. One configuration of the LiGHTBoX handles the JVC multi-core connector for the camera CCU.

HD-3000 3Gb/s Fiber Optic Transport Link

MultiDyne introduces the HD-3000 Series 3Gb/s Serial Digital Video Fiber Optic Transport Link, which supports the new 1080p progressive 3Gb/s HD-SDI SMPTE424M format. Designed to ease the engineering and financial difficulties associated with the migration to digital and high-definition television, the HD-3000 provides an economical solution for the fiber optic transport and distribution of virtually any digital signal from 5Mb/s to 3Gb/s, future-proofing system designs and infrastructure to support 1080p.

DVI-5000 Single & Dual Link Transport over One or Two Multi-mode Fibers

MultiDyne introduces the DVI-5000 Single & Dual Link, a long-haul fiber optic transport solution for high-quality uncompressed DVI. The DVI-5000 supports WQXGA, 2560x1600 resolution with dual link over two fibers, or WUXGA, 1920x1200 resolution through a single fiber, and has optional stereo audio and simplex data capability. The DVI-5000 transports a pixel-for-pixel image that is 100% transparent with no frame dropping, and enables 100% 24-bits for all scan rates with no contouring or bit reduction at a high scan rate.

RGB-5000-ET, Component Video with Ethernet Control

The RGB-5000-ET RGB/UXGA Fiber Optic Transport System with Ethernet and Data is the latest addition to the MultiDyne RGB-5000 series. Distribute one high-resolution RGB/UXGA video signal with 10-BaseT Ethernet and RS232, RS422 or RS485 bi-directional data. The RGB-5000 provides a jitter-free, long-haul transport solution for high-quality, 1900x1600, RGB/UXGA via ONE fiber. Now the user can control the monitor or project from a remote distance. The high-resolution video signal, monitor remote control, and network data can be transported via fiber cable for distances of 200m to 40Km. An integrated stereo audio option is also available.

HD-3500 3Gb/s Transport with Audio and Bi-directional Data over Single Fiber

MultiDyne introduces the cost-effective HD-3500 3Gb/s Multi-rate Serial Digital Video Fiber Optic Transceiver. The stand-alone HD-3500 features four analog audio or two AES audio, return stereo audio with bi-directional RS232/RS422/RS485, and supports 5Mb/s to 3Gb/s. The dual outputs for HD are reclocked and equalized.

About MultiDyne:

MultiDyne has been serving the broadcast, cable, satellite, production, digital cinema, pro A/V, corporate, retail, surveillance, teleconferencing, judicial arraignment, transportation, government and healthcare sectors for over 30 years. MultiDyne provides fiber optic transport systems for video, audio, SDI, HD-SDI, AES, Ethernet, data, PTZ, RGB/VGA, DVI, HDMI, and CATV; optical multiplexing, CWDM; automatic protection switching; loss detectors with automatic switchover; test signal and character ID generators; video, audio and digital distribution amplifiers; cable equalizers; automatic gain AGCs; electrical and fiber optic routing switchers; tactical cable assemblies; XLR adapter panels as well as other television accessories. For more information call MultiDyne at 1-800-488-8378 or 1-516-671-7278, visit our Web site at, or send an email to