The Netherlands, Amsterdam, July 15, 2008 – Nucomm, Inc., a leading provider of digital and analogue microwave systems for the broadcast industry, common carrier, cable, government, military and international marketplace, is showcasing its Messenger IP Media Gateway – Native file transfer system at IBC 2008 (Stand 1.A30). The Nucomm Messenger Media Gateway system enables broadband IP connectivity between an ENG/SNG truck or OB Van and the broadcast studio through integration with the existing broadcaster digital transmission infrastructure. Designed to support today’s emerging, distributed news editing workflows, the Nucomm Messenger makes it easier for television news stories to be edited in the field and delivered to the studio over the existing broadcast digital infrastructure or alternative networks without complicated user configuration or support.

With an IP network in place, other applications, such as remote queuing, remote truck control and VoIP technogies can also run between the studio and the News vehicle. An integrated File Transfer system is embedded inside the Messenger Media Gateway system. To transfer a file from the field to the studio simply drag and drop your file onto the internal Hot Sync folder. Then the Messenger system automatically steps in and manages the file transfer process. The Messenger file transfer application has been specially designed to transfer large video files across networks with large latencies or asymmetric channels. With as little as a 7kbps return channel the Messenger can sustain 98% utilization of a 40Mbps link.

The Nucomm Messenger can be used in one of two modes, ‘trickle’ or ‘broadband’ mode. In trickle mode, live video and IP traffic are sent simultaneously by sharing the available bandwidth with priority given always to the live video feed.

In the broadband mode, virtually the entire link is dedicated to IP traffic. The mode can be changed with the push of a button or by removal of the video source to the encoder, thus creating a transport stream full of null packets.

A complete Nucomm Messenger Media Gateway system consists of a 1 RU Remote unit and a 1 RU Studio unit. The IP data from the news gathering vehicle is sent to the Messenger, where it is encapsulated into an MPEG Transport Stream (MPEG-TS) and transmitted to the studio through the existing ENG/OB/SNG ASI network. The received TS signal is then decapsulated back to IP and routed to the Studio network. Traffic destined for the remote vehicle is returned through one of many available networks, which may include WiFi, Satellite or a Mobile phone network. The Messenger Media Gateway tracks the connection and automatically selects the best channel available.

The Nucomm Messenger is one in a series of products introduced by Nucomm to support the migration of television broadcasters to digital electronic news production.

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