Boeing Launches Xytech Systems' New MediaPulse(tm)

Groundbreaking Application Suite Flies First with Aerospace Giant

April 15, 2009 (Burbank, CA) Xytech Systems Corporation, a leading provider of media business software and services for workflow management, resource scheduling, and media asset management, has announced that the first installation of its new product, MediaPulse™, is complete at the Boeing Company, the aerospace corporation headquartered in Chicago. MediaPulse, a groundbreaking application suite, has been successfully implemented in the company’s Creative Services division. Boeing Creative Services manages extensive and dynamic inventories of video, graphics, and photography across a global network of external and internal users.

MediaPulse is a next-generation application suite for asset and resource-based media workflows, and leverages Xytech Systems’ 20-year history of providing business workflow solutions to the media and entertainment industry. From the inception of MediaPulse Xytech Systems envisioned a dramatically new type of software, one that transcended earlier limitations and offered users greater functionality and ease of use. MediaPulse was developed using the latest technology benefits of the .NET framework to create a product specifically designed to improve, streamline, and automate media operations. The powerful, multitiered architecture of MediaPulse provides Boeing with the increased performance and flexibility the company sought as it replaced its client/server Applications.

MediaPulse was installed at Boeing Creative Services during its beta testing phase in late 2008. Since that time, MediaPulse has been fully implemented as a tracking and billing system for resources, a function that involves 700 users and 95 departments nationwide. In addition, MediaPulse has proven instrumental in the division’s purchase order management and reporting structure. Accurately and quickly managing the movement of assets is another critical requirement in Boeing Creative Services’ workflow. Richard Gallagher, CEO of Xytech Systems, commented that, “MediaPulse was developed for challenges like the ones faced at Boeing Creative Services: large volumes of diverse assets must be managed, tracked, and reported with speed and precision. The testing and final implementation that has taken place has been an exciting collaboration. It is an honor to continue our 19-year history with Boeing by launching a product that we are so proud of.”

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